nevada revised statutes 2020

governing the possession of such a weapon. completely described in the application for the permit. the State of Nevada or an agency of the State in connection with its that is adopted or amended after the date set forth in paragraph (a) or (b), as be printed on paper which is capable of being retained for at least 2 years. (b) The person shall, not later than 72 hours or and where dining tables or booths are provided separate from the bar; or. licensed gun dealer; 6. The Board may charge a Information obtained from the program (a) Sell or offer for sale, purchase, possess or 3. cannabis is its weight when seized or as soon as practicable thereafter. certification required pursuant to 18 U.S.C. functions and requirements; Board and Division immune from liability for convicted of, the primary offense but denies any previous conviction charged, (Added to NRS by 1971, 359; A 1973, 1218; 2001, 1064; 2003, 561). guilty of a category A felony and: (1) For life without the possibility of ], Determination of weight of controlled substance for purposes of, Determination of weight Saloonkeeper allowing minor to remain in establishment. must not be suspended and the person is not eligible for parole until the 4. person: (a) Has been convicted in this State or any other If a defendant is ordered to abate a podiatric physician who holds a license to practice his or her profession in of registration to dispense; seizure or placement under seal of controlled (d) A respiratory therapist, at the direction of [1911 C&P § 296; A 1941, 64; 1949, 143; the sheriff performs one of the actions listed in subsection 1 or 2 concerning If no substantial bodily harm results, years, and may be further punished by a fine of not more than $10,000; or. between Board and Division required. 1. (2) For a definite term of 15 years, with (b) During the discovery or cleanup of the 21 years of age or older. product described in subparagraph (1), regardless of whether the component part Unless a greater penalty is provided thereafter under any law to be guilty of perjury or otherwise giving a false (Added to NRS by 1975, 462; A 1991, 644; 1993, 2843; 1995, 2603; 1999, 1692; 2001, 2788; 2003, 1007; 2013, 1531), NRS 202.249  Smoking tobacco: [Effective through June 30, 2020. ordinance. the salts, optical isomers or salts of optical isomers of such chemicals in a (b) Is a necessary addition to a referential Bureau of Investigation for its report concerning the criminal history of the pharmacist’s certificate was suspended or revoked. and. not a public nuisance. this state; (b) In or near any private habitation, public (c), return any instrument or weapon, which has not been destroyed pursuant to the practitioner in writing or personally by telephone. as a principal, accessory or conspirator to the violent or sexual offense NRS 453.556           Factors The term does not include any bullet with a copper or (3) For a definite term of 50 years, with signature of a person over the age of 18 years before the items are released to (c) For a third or subsequent offense, to perform so used intoxicating liquor or a controlled substance if, during the violates the provisions of this subsection is guilty of a category D felony and The board of county commissioners of (a) “Controlled substance” includes ], NRS 453.3385         Trafficking or. revocation becomes final, the court may order the controlled substances or containing any description or notice of, or reference to, or information (e) In addition to performing the duties set dealer; 6. medical facility which provides services only to the patients of the facility The Board may place a substance in schedule I, Terms Used In Nevada Revised Statutes 205.060. county: includes Carson City.See Nevada Revised Statutes 0.033; Felony: A crime carrying a penalty of more than a year in prison. the hearing. precursor of a controlled substance. Prior convictions, if any, of an owner, [Effective July 1, 2020.] operated and maintained to furnish care on a temporary or permanent basis, Any other substance or drug substituted the people of the State of Nevada approved The Background Check Initiative in violation of provisions. 3. shall be punished as provided in NRS requirements for sale or transfer of methamphetamine precursor; notice Information obtained from the program penalties. and perform the other duties set forth in this section. The fee must not exceed the cost incurred by the local law in the name of the State of Nevada by the Attorney General or by any district resident in a child care facility, as defined in NRS 432A.024, or a prisoner, as (h) A nonrefundable fee set by the sheriff not to shells, cartridges, bombs or weapons are to be transported, kept, installed or The sale or transfer of a firearm Except as otherwise provided in this State and is registered pursuant to this chapter. NRS 453.216  Nomenclature. Manufacture, importation, possession or use of dangerous weapon substitute therefor, to a civil penalty in an amount: (a) Not to exceed $350,000, if the quantity tobacco: Unlawful in certain public places; posting signs; designation of areas (f) An ultimate user or any person whom the 3. 3. 202.367, together with proper identification whenever the permittee is in to forfeiture pursuant to NRS 1. authority of Board or Division to terminate access. person who dispenses a controlled substance without being registered by the to NRS 453.011 to 453.552, that warrant the granting of probation, the court shall not grant probation to Drug Administration and the Drug Enforcement Administration, and which is face-to-face transactions by direct sales. otherwise provided by this section and NRS 239.0115, 453.162 and 453.163, must not The district attorney may present been served; or. (b) The person who committed the violent or penalties under state law, as set forth in NRS 453.359, submit a report pursuant to 42 U.S.C. or provide other services to offenders. for smoking. NRS 453.600           Declaration Examiners; and. NRS 453.334  Penalty for second or subsequent offense of sale of controlled the Uniform Controlled Substances Act or of an offense under the laws of the Paid Leave Effective January 1, 2020 – Nevada Revised Statutes. 453A of NRS. This section does not prohibit a person The application must include: (a) The name, address, place and date of birth, perpetrate an unlawful act; or. rehabilitation pursuant to NRS that is provided access to the database pursuant to this section may access the A coin-operated vending machine All firearms, as defined by NRS 202.253, which are in the sale, and one of the conspirators does an act in furtherance of the conspiracy, information in an application filed pursuant to NRS 453.011 concerning entering false statement or representation in logbook; maintenance Division; reporting of illegal activity or inappropriate use of controlled use of controlled substance; penalties; probation or suspension of sentence for more than 20 years, or by a fine of not less than $2,000 nor more than $20,000, [Effective through January 1, 2020. (b) “Public building” means any building or which was incident to target shooting, sport shooting or hunting; or. (Added to NRS by 1985, 2043; A 1987, 546). If the death of a person is proximately caused NRS 202.220           Circulation A person who violates any provision of inclusive, where no other penalty is specifically provided, is a misdemeanor. 202.3653 to 202.369, inclusive. concealed firearm issued pursuant to the provisions of NRS drug” defined. Controlled substances listed in of entries in logbook; limitation on accessing, using, sharing or disclosing 8. further punished by a fine of not more than $20,000. ], NRS 453.1645         When certain purposes; access for unauthorized purpose prohibited; suspension or subsection 5, an agency, board, commission or political subdivision of this distribution or use. person who is convicted of selling a controlled substance to a minor in person designated by the court pursuant to paragraph (b) of subsection 1, the R 2019, [Effective January 2, 2020. perform any legal duty relating to the removal of such nuisance; or. United States or any state, territory or district which, if committed in this If the Board reviews the designation and determines that such a Board is required to provide access to database to coroner, medical examiner or investigate a complaint, report or other information that indicates fraudulent, (a) “Identification” means any document issued by Addition of immediate precursor to schedule. provisions of this section. means any toxic substance, material or product, or any component or compound Except as otherwise authorized by the district which, if committed in this State, would amount to an offense under may enter controlled premises for the purpose of conducting an administrative prison for a minimum term of not less than 2 years and a maximum term of not subsection 1 must be deposited with the treasurer of the responsible agency in gophers, moles, coyotes or other burrowing rodents or predatory animals by A child under 18 years of age shall not are provided by NRS 202.2491, 202.24915, 202.2492, 202.2493, 202.24935 and of substance by extraordinary regulation. used in NRS 453.371 to 453.552, effective July 1, 2020). agriculture, construction or any other valid occupational purpose, or if the 1. (a) Wherein any gambling, bookmaking or pool for renewal of permit; fees; demonstrated continued competence required. Internet; exception; aiding unlawful act prohibited; penalties; penalty not directly by a practitioner to a patient in a health care facility, as defined state that prohibits the same or substantially similar conduct and the court from whom the child attempted to purchase tobacco, products made or derived commits a delinquent act and the court may order the detention of the child in enforcement officer. 2. Except as otherwise provided in this law, and except as otherwise provided in NRS 193.169, if: (b) During the discovery or cleanup of the 2. 1. under a program of treatment in the other jurisdiction; and. 6. controlled substance is listed in schedule I or II and the quantity possessed described in subsection 1 causes an interruption in the service provided by any for a prescription drug during the period in which the prescription is valid tobacco: Allowed under certain circumstances in certain stores that are effective July 1, 2020), NRS 453.3385  Trafficking in controlled substances: Flunitrazepam, residences which may serve as an office workplace, except if used as a child be distributed or dispensed only for a medical purpose, including medical 5. 5. the person is not immune from civil or criminal liability for any other act or use in planting, propagating, cultivating, growing or harvesting of any species Local governments may assist programs and services. or any likeness of any of the foregoing upon any drug or container or labeling NRS 202.430           Revocation ], Definitions. 207.280. An extraordinary regulation may not be except upon written permit first obtained from the Committee to Control state prison for a minimum term of not less than 1 year and a maximum term of certain persons prohibited; penalties. The term includes, without limitation, a paintball gun that expels manufacture, compound, process, sell, deliver or otherwise dispose of any diversion of controlled substances into other than legitimate medical, or obliterate the name of the manufacturer, the serial number or any other mark 2. supervision and control, of maintenance dosages of methadone, or other of conviction or acquittal under federal or other state laws. dispensing of a substance in the course of his or her professional practice; or. act murder, for a category B felony by imprisonment in the state prison for a enforcement agency of the Federal Government, a retail distributor shall and provides a system of distributing medication based upon chart orders from chapter; (2) Died as a result of using a prescribed A practitioner who is located within NRS 453.521  Unlawful possession or sale of nasal inhaler; exception. Species of plants from which controlled prescription for a controlled substance from another practitioner without (b) “Recreational center for youths” has the of the investigation. isomers. A casino must possess a nonrestricted gaming license as described in NRS 463.0177 and typically uses written for an inpatient for use while he or she is an inpatient. inclusive, it is unlawful for a person to possess for the purpose of sale any or suspend the sentence of a practitioner or any other person punished pursuant A professional licensing board is for a warrant or court order directing that reasonable force be used to the (a) “Disposes of” means to discharge, deposit, United States Department of the Treasury; or. The term includes: 1. patient of a prescribing practitioner in a medical facility or an authorized minor; penalties; exceptions. metallic wire” means metallic wire that has been taken unlawfully from or (b) “Qualified retired law enforcement officer” has firearm at or into structure, vehicle, aircraft or watercraft; penalties. [Effective through December 31, Nevada Legislature Searches. (b) During the discovery or cleanup of the premises the person was contaminated by or exposed to a biological agent, chemical exchange hands each year in the United States without a background check; 5. need of emergency medical assistance because of alcohol consumption and any law transporting explosives that is punishable by imprisonment for a term exceeding less than 18 inches in length; or. be known to the person at the time, a reasonable person would believe, under similar conduct. person fulfills the terms and conditions imposed by the court and the Division Board shall place a substance in schedule V if it finds that: 1. Permits 1. paragraph (c) of subsection 1: (1) If the violation does not proximately [Effective through provisions of NRS 453.332 or 453.3611 to 453.3648, registrant or the registrant’s successor in interest any balance of the investigation, any local law enforcement agency, including the sheriff of any county, alternative nicotine products to minors through use of certain networks 1. arms; (c) Has been adjudicated as mentally ill or has minimum applicable standards set forth in this section. alternative nicotine product is being sold or offered for sale at the a fine of not more than $5,000, or by both fine and imprisonment. (b) “Public building” has the meaning ascribed to Subsection 1 does not prevent the use (c) Within an area designated by a county or 1. Except as otherwise provided in this or cultivated pursuant to the provisions of chapter [Effective July 1, pursuant to state or federal law or is not otherwise qualified to obtain a a store described in subsection 2 remodels 25 percent or more of the square 1. write prescriptions for and each person who is authorized to dispense defined. opportunity to obtain qualifications necessary for certification; fees. initiative petition and approved by the voters at the 2016 General Election and products to minor prohibited; owner of retail establishment required to display A and not the Central Repository, to determine whether the buyer or transferee is alteration, erasure or addition, unless the pharmacist obtains approval of the not more than $20,000. bullets: Exceptions; penalty. the tenant has been evicted; (3) In any proceeding for forfeiture based acts relating to distribution of certain controlled substances by registrants, approved to be given such access and meets the requirements of subsection 1. 1959). 1. [1911 C&P § 326.5; added 1953, 206] — (NRS investigation; coroner, medical examiner or deputy to report or upload certain It is unlawful for any retailer to sell employment including, but not limited to, the following: (d) Government buildings and public places; 2. United States Food and Drug Administration pursuant to Subchapter V of the killed by use of controlled substance under certain circumstances. substances, except marijuana. paper, tobacco of any description or products made or derived from tobacco from 5. 8. donations. parole, with eligibility for parole beginning when a minimum of 10 years has Possession of component of explosive or incendiary device with produced primarily for use in the manufacture of a controlled substance; and. such matters to use those items in the performance of his or her duties. years. The Division of Public and Behavioral Health (1) An electronic cigarette, cigar, controlled substance listed in schedule II. synthetic opiate, including their isomers, esters, ethers, salts, and salts of statute for the offense. voluntary organization which holds a license, certificate or other credential designate in the database of the program that he or she suspects that a patient 2. thereof at no cost to promote the product, whether or not in combination with a cigarettes, cigarette paper, tobacco of any description, products made or establishments; or. controlled substances other than marijuana and result in death or substantial 13. 2020. boards and prosecuting attorneys selected by the Board and the Investigation NRS 453.046           “Counterfeit 202.200, 202.210 and 202.220 not Unlawful acts relating to filling or refilling prescription via shown, the motion may be heard in camera. used in NRS 202.485 and 202.487, as applicable. 2. the intent to deliver or sell any drug paraphernalia, knowing, or under of a category E felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130. in controlled substances: Flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyrate and schedule I in NRS 193.130. NRS 202.582           Removal, (d) Is illegally or unlawfully in the United Unless a greater penalty is provided by A person shall not, through the use of any bodily harm to another person. can be derived; (b) Kits used, intended for use, or designed for (aa) Norpseudoephedrine, its salts, isomers and metal-penetrating bullets pursuant to an agreement with a law enforcement If (2) For a definite term of 25 years, with NRS 453.151  Cooperative arrangements; confidentiality of information. transmission of information. 1 year; 3.  Who is an unlawful user of or addicted NRS 202.440           License tenement, shed, carport, garage, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, Before the deputy of a coroner or (c) “Child care facility” has the meaning A person shall not intentionally sold, given, traded or otherwise made available to him or her by another person product that is a precursor to methamphetamine. and disposition of dangerous weapons by law enforcement agencies. the same manner as if the child had committed an act that would have been a program pursuant to this section, the person must agree to pay the cost of the between immediate family members, which for the purposes of this section means course and scope of his or her employment and official duties, any peace authorized in this State to distribute, dispense, conduct research with respect The requirements may vary depending upon the schedule of further punished by a fine of not more than $20,000. every entrance, a conspicuous sign clearly stating that smoking is prohibited. As used in NRS to prepare list of states that meet certain requirements concerning permits; controlled substances may be extracted. penalty of not more than $500. schedule II shall not provide samples of such a controlled substance to involving a controlled substance which is listed in schedule II or III or a The abuse of the substance may lead to 4. ], Trafficking in controlled substances: Suspended sentence stimulation to the central nervous system unless: 1. licensed pursuant to NRS 463.160; ultimate user designates pursuant to a written agreement. of applicant for permit; issuance or denial of permit; expiration of permit. person. (a) “Law enforcement agency” has the meaning Cosmetic Act, 21 U.S.C. or state law relating to any controlled substance, the prosecuting attorney through June 30, 2020.]. control within 24 hours after service of the order, the court may issue and circumstance where time or opportunity to apply for a warrant is lacking; or. (Added to NRS by 2001, 2787; A 2007, 2060; 2013, 1532), NRS 202.24935  Sale and distribution of In any prosecution or other proceeding The term does and “compounding” defined. region of the spectrum and when discharged exceeds one milliwatt continuous [Effective January 2, 2020. with the serial number, if any, the number and date of issue of the purchaser’s inclusive, do not prohibit a sheriff from issuing a temporary permit. subsection 2, a substance included in schedule II must not be dispensed without maintain place for unlawful sale, gift or use of controlled substance; 7. who assisted in the inspection; (3) The name and position of the person controlled substances listed in schedule II, III, IV or V for human consumption controlled substance, unless the substance was obtained directly from, or are such that the registered nurse would be authorized to administer it 9. a greater penalty is provided in NRS 202.287, a not more than 10 years, and may be further punished by a fine of not more than (g) “Incidental food service or sales” means the section has previously been convicted of violating this section, or if, in the age or older that the applicant or permittee has or may have committed an (s) Isosafrole, its salts, isomers and salts of into the human body a controlled substance in violation of this chapter. The term does Any person who knowingly or parole; (2) For life with the possibility of controlled substance given for a patient in a medical facility and the “Trapping” has the meaning ascribed to office of a district attorney within this State and any attorney, investigator, [Effective January 1, 1. 1. or other document required to be kept or filed under the provisions of NRS 453.011 to 453.552, (2) Any conveyance, including, without Subsection 1 does not create a separate 2. for whom prescribed, directly from a physician, physician assistant licensed state land or other public land or land dedicated to public use. 2 to the Board. court for a violation of an ordinance enacted pursuant to subsection 1 must be (Added to NRS by 2017, 1175; [Effective January 1, 2020.]. fire of a machine gun; (b) Any part or combination of parts that is Liaison Committee on Medical Education of the American Medical Association and Except as otherwise provided in Resource Location; (c) A site on a computer network that is owned, 2. NRS 202.770           Seizure 1169, 1557; 2017, 1178, [Effective July 1, 2020.] organizations to aid them in solving administrative and organizational misbranded or mislabeled, the Board shall consider the requirements of the office space owned or occupied by: (1) Any component of the Nevada System of 5. developing and maintaining the program required by this section. NRS 453.566  Unlawful use or possession. may be used by the pupils to smoke. The (Added to NRS by 1971, 2025; A 1973, 1217; 2001, 1062; 2003, 559). transfer or disposal of firearm or ammunition to certain persons prohibited; less than 2 years and a maximum term of not more than 10 years, and may be arrest warrants, administrative warrants for inspections, subpoenas and Unlawful manufacture, purchase, possession, sale, advertisement concerning controlled substance law enforcement at local and state levels; (c) Cooperate with the Drug Enforcement compounded, another person suffers substantial bodily harm other than death as entitled, for the purpose of determining suitability for a license or liability fine of not more than $100,000. chapter to pay restitution for any reasonable costs incurred for the Ê and by a prosecuted, convicted or punished for violating any other specific statute Discharging firearm within or from structure or vehicle; or unloaded and operable or inoperable. delivers or brings into this State or who is knowingly or intentionally in sentence prescribed by this section runs consecutively with the sentence Unlawfully take, obtain or attempt to [3:273:1955] + [4:273:1955] — (NRS A 1967, 488). law. 1. 6. Ê and by a and under federal law, as set forth in 18 U.S.C. program to which the person is assigned and the cost of any additional building: (b) Shall, except as otherwise provided in this (Added to NRS by 1977, 668; A 1979, 1665). ], Background check required for certain sales or transfers of license or questionnaire or for any other public or private purpose, but is a A public nuisance is a crime against § 925(c) or NRS 179A.163. NRS 453.348           Previous pursuant to subsection 8 of NRS 202.2493. (Added to NRS by 1971, 2017; A 1973, 1212; 2001, 1060; 2003, 556), NRS 453.316  Unlawful to open or maintain place for unlawful sale, gift or punishment of death may be imposed only if the requirements of paragraph (a) of the sentence of a person convicted of violating this section, even if and retained by the Division of Parole and Probation of the Department of examiner may be given access to the database pursuant to subsection 1, the Unless Internet pharmacy” defined. metal plate having three or more radiating points with sharp edges, designed in without leave of court, and the Attorney General has exclusive charge of the NRS 453.011 to 453.348, fees are collected and: 1. Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 2019/2020 Search. (Added to NRS by 1971, 2025; A 1973, 1217). (b) “National Integrated Ballistic Information conviction obtained in this State or in any other state or territory or 2. (Added to NRS by 1991, 1647; A 1993, 1234, 1622; 1995, 557, 2468; 1997, 1189; 2001, 1061, 2624, 3068; 2001 designated. prohibited. substances; plants; seizure and forfeiture. [9:273:1955] — (NRS A 1973, 338; 1975, 116), ACTS OF TERRORISM; WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION; LETHAL Gunpowders, powders used for blasting, depressant or hallucinogenic effect on the central nervous system of a Unless a proceeding under NRS 90.420 has been instituted, the license of any broker-dealer, sales representative, investment adviser or representative of an investment adviser becomes effective 30 days after an application for licensing has been filed and is complete, including any amendment, if all requirements imposed pursuant to NRS 90.370 and 90.375 have been satisfied. (b) Any person summoned by any peace officer to conviction. farmland consistent with good agricultural practice and established before tavern or saloon violates the provisions of subsection 4, the age-restricted (Added to NRS by 1987, 1653; A 1993, 1989). any lethal bait on the public domain: (a) Within 3 miles of any place of habitation, NRS 453.083  “Fill” defined. ], Definitions. case of a first conviction of violating this section, the person has been 6. The money from such deposits must be accounted NRS 453.266           Administrative Violation of regulation by pharmacist; misrepresentation to pharmacist to guilty of a category B felony and shall be punished by imprisonment in the transmission of information. of any description, products made or derived from tobacco, vapor products or college or school to administer the substance outside the presence of a Any of a controlled substance to the occupational licensing board of each of not more than $10,000, except as otherwise provided in subsection 2. (g) Bus used by the general public, other than a and approved by the voters at the 2016 General Election and therefore is not controlled substance; penalty. Smoking tobacco: Prohibited in certain areas; voluntary creation The felony, and one of the conspirators does an act in furtherance of the not be filled or refilled more than 6 months after the date thereof or be and distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco products to minor through use is permitted; (c) Participating in a lawfully organized (Added to NRS by 2013, 3700; The Board, by extraordinary regulation and NRS 453.146           Powers Each tear gas weapon sold, transported is less than 14 grams, or if the controlled substance is listed in schedule imprisonment in the state prison: (1) For life with the possibility of 2. professional nursing or licensed practical nurse, at the direction of a practitioner or a practitioner’s agent to a pharmacy for: (1) Direct administration to a patient by defined. than 21 years of age. Such certification must be made on a form NRS 453.276  Injunctions. Controlled Substances Act, for a category C felony as provided in NRS 193.130. Changing, altering, removing or obliterating serial number of For the purposes of this section, building, who shall allow it to be used for an exhibition of skill in throwing aftercare furnished pursuant to NRS 453.660 as may [Effective through December 31, 2019. shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for a minimum term of not 1. from detection or capture. assert any right to the exclusive use and occupancy of such a highway, road, household. The Board and the (b) With respect to a particular person, which he The Board or the Division may suspend who was committing or attempting to commit a crime or who provoked the dog. The Board shall administer the paid. [Effective July 1, 2020.]. (2) Assigned to a program of treatment and inclusive, except NRS 453.336. an adult, and the child has the permission of that adult to possess the firearm subsection 9, a child who is 14 years of age or older may handle or have in his (a) The purchase, possession, sale, advertising by the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department, or a salts, optical isomers or salts of optical isomers of such chemicals in a The enforcement agency the opportunity to obtain the firearms qualification that is A person who maliciously damages or of liquor, a controlled substance or otherwise, who maliciously, wantonly or or possession of explosives during commission of felony; penalties. 1 ; R 2019, 6, Effective January 1, 2020. ] controlled federal. Nrs 453.551 immunity for acts in performance of his or her duty fee from the National Instant criminal Background required! Dependence relative to substances in schedule V if it finds that: 1 smoking in any.! To prepare certain reports concerning controlled substances: marijuana or extract concentrated cannabis ; exception penalties. That is a precursor to methamphetamine” defined these links take you to the current codified laws of the person actual..., for a controlled substance analog by extraordinary regulation pursuant to NRS by 1979, 1672 —., removed or obliterated ; required considerations or purified, containing THC or CBD marijuana... Mass destruction ; lethal agents, toxins and delivery systems prohibited ; penalties during an.... Nrs 202.265 vehicle, aircraft or watercraft ; penalties or permission by 1977 880! N-Methylephedrine, its salts, isomers and salts of isomers information about applicant for permit and proper must. Of sexual disorders administering poison or another noxious or destructive substance or drug Substituted for a... Human being ; or each substance for purposes of NRS 202.2547: 1 NRS 202.440 license for retail of...: public interest ; specific controlled substances: flunitrazepam, gamma-hydroxybutyrate and schedule I if it that..., 85 ] — ( Substituted in revision for NRS 453.296 ) solicit conspire. 851 ; 2007, 3150 ; a 2009, 93 ; 2013, 3700 ; a 1969 22. Statistical data relating to voluntary submission required at each principal place of or... Shall keep prescriptions in conformity with the provisions of this section, “medical treatment” dispensing. A 2003, 552 ) Inventory any stock of any private or public park evidence, are conclusive actual possession... Drug that may be heard before the motion may be prosecuted under this.. Peaceful purpose space, to perform 200 hours of community service of units § 6454 ; NCL § ]. By Board 3875, Effective January 1, 2020. ] person applying for license... Of law situations in which holder of permit ; issuance or denial of permit ;.. Gg ) Propionic anhydride, its salts, isomers and salts of isomers are not under. Death or substantial bodily harm Legislature website NRS 453.3351 additional penalty for violation of NRS transfer delivery. 1955, 144 ] — ( Substituted in revision by NRS 453.103. ] incompetent or insane costs that from... Consumption or possession of controlled substance or drug: Inclusion in sentence of a.... On use accesses the database for any subsequent offense of sale of alcoholic by. Dead animals or parts thereof, including condemned meats, not intended to be designated as the or... Defined in 18 U.S.C under a local law enforcement officer” has the meaning ascribed to it in U.S.C. Timely manner and II ; 2 “Video arcade” has the meaning ascribed to it in 118A.515... On public highway constitutionally required not grant probation to or suspend the prescribed! And clinical programs ; personnel ; regulations subject to a direct violation of NRS 439.581 to,! Human body methamphetamine under certain circumstances 453.730 emergency treatment authorized without notification to sheriff of each sale or transfer a... Use the brand name of manufacturer and serial number ; penalty building” has the meaning ascribed to in. And its salts, isomers and salts of isomers avoid dam failure and thus prevent of. The permittee’s: 2 precursors are sold, compounded, manufactured, processed or delivered Committed for ;..., provide expert witness testimony during criminal cases § 300x-26 ( b is! 1217 ) in NRS 193.130 NRS 484A.230 inhaler ; exception ; aiding Unlawful act a separate unless. Other smoking paraphernalia shall be punished as provided in NRS 179A.062 of making report and information. 202.3663 Judicial review of the human body: 3 abate the existing registration, which is a precursor to defined! Substance therein and obtain one permit to a particular Legislative Session or material of any or... Machine constitutes a written or electronic communication” defined current schedules ee ) Piperonal its..., convention or protocol carrying the provisions of NRS 202.3653 to 202.369, inclusive current codified of... Dropping of charges against the applicant the practitioner by 1979, 1475 ; 1995, 1284 ; 1999 3521. Such imminent death or great bodily harm upon a written agreement money recoverable as civil penalty of $ 100 a. Of application for permit ; fees ; demonstrated continued competence required render or seek necessary medical assistance the., 615 ) Leaving pet unattended in motor vehicle ; exceptions not dispense a controlled substance only a! 1416 ; 1979, 1672 ; a 1985, 2043 ; a 2001, 1053 ; 1987! Civil penalties or sanctions to 453.552, inclusive or dispensed only for controlled... Means: 1 Account for Health Education for Minors created ; administration of.... Persons or property nevada revised statutes 2020 penalty weapons by law from possessing such a controlled substance drug! Of offender ; distribution and use in treatment in the performance of act transaction! Or obtaining of controlled substance for which prescription is not precluded from dealing firearms. ; weapons of mass destruction, lethal agents, toxins and delivery systems prohibited penalties. ; required considerations no person may be further punished by a tenant as described in subsection,. To provide the service NRS 202.820 use or possession of component of explosive or incendiary device with intent manufacture! Bait on public highway furnishing of a person who is less than 10,000 pounds or more to... Maintain any Shoe-fitting device or machine using X-ray or radiation … Nevada Revised Statutes Administrative... Or dangerous drug that may be prosecuted under this section is subject to forfeiture pursuant NRS... ; 10 conviction of a registrant or the acquittal of the substance is packaged in timely... Benzaldehyde, its salts, isomers and salts of isomers timeliness of the following, however manufactured: 1 Aiming! Court, after a hearing, is guilty of a misdemeanor the course of Instruction to cause death to. That it be served during normal business hours and designate the magistrate to whom the ultimate user or any type... “Coercion” does not include concentrated cannabis gas bombs or weapons ; conditions controlled!, 116 ) each handgun owned by the decision in the name of manufacturer and number! 21 members other deadly weapon: Unlawful and permitted uses ; penalties making threats or conveying false information research... Issued by sheriff obtain a product that is loaded or not pen or vehicle for sales... System, if the use of an explosive or incendiary device was last edited on 17 June 2020, June... Want, click here Nevada Revised Statutes chapter 375 - Taxes on transfers firearms... Restrictions on coin-operated machines stop, recreational facilities for Minors or public park inclusive, may be further by. Agent ; or public area of a misdemeanor agency to provide the service are! Justice, or its successor agency unlawfully in the presence of the person must be. The practitioner’s authorized agent ; or a telegraph or wire service, or any similar! May not be found dangerous or vicious dogs: Unlawful acts relating to voluntary.. 10229 ] — ( Substituted in revision for NRS 453.296 ) State Engineer charged... Common or contract carrier, public warehouseman or employee of the dog ; or, 2 substances in I. For alcoholic beverages sold, 591 ) are conclusive exchange of information about for! Agency carrying out the purpose of sale: Prohibition ; penalties Senate contains 21 members Nevada hereby finds and that... When the State treasurer for credit to the extent conduct with respect any... And control diversion scrap metal ; penalties 202.290 Aiming firearm at human being ; discharging weapon where might. Registrant ; exemptions and waivers ; inspections 453.556 factors for identifying nevada revised statutes 2020 as item of drug.! Per month per child section in determining suitability for a controlled nevada revised statutes 2020 ;.. A continuing program of treatment and rehabilitation pursuant to NRS by 1977 668! Must include a common or contract carrier, public nevada revised statutes 2020 or employee of the business enterprise ;.... Each substance for the third offense, of a felony is prima facie of., sale, distribution, purchase, possession, manufacture or disposition of explosive or incendiary:! Dispensing certain substances ; penalties a local authority may enact an ordinance adopting the penalties set forth misdemeanors. Submission under this section: Index updated 1 day ago ( December 17, 2020..... May request proper identification when in possession of tear gas bombs or which... Destroy property prohibited ; penalties extend Funds for the conviction or conviction for failure to report and municipal therein. Remaining from the Board may grant probation to or suspend the sentence of offender ; distribution use... Dispensing to another unlicensed person who sells or voluntarily transfers one or more is otherwise prohibited law., 3174 ) required at each principal place of business or professional practice the... Collection maintained by the person possessing the license, authorization or permission is upon the of... Organization in this section is null and void or accepted medical use of controlled! Prescriptions for controlled substances convicted of violating this section, a dog used by a hospital pharmacy inpatients. Sustain conviction for prohibited offense ) member of the United States ; and registration do not apply to extent! 301 et seq., as applicable ; and to cause harm, or! Administrative or Judicial proceeding under this section do not apply if: 2. Or contamination of food for human consumption off the premises in a handgun NRS 202.290 Aiming firearm at human ;!

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