arabic customs and etiquette

Men: When greeting a man in a professional setting, handshakes are always used and can last a long time. Declaring Allah’s name before eating and drinking and using the right hand for the purpose The first of these is to express gratitude to Allah for His bounties and to invoke His blessings and the second is to constantly remind us that those who are bestowed with the 1. It’s likely your host will drive a hard bargain, and not rush into any snap decisions. table manners. In most cultures, it is custom to express gratitude in some way or another. Local men usually wear a "Kandoura" (more commonly known as a dish-dash), a long robe (typically white), and ghutra, a red-checked or white headdress. Do not engage in conversation with an Arab woman unless you have been formally introduced. However, being aware of local customs and etiquette always shows good manners and will ensure a warm welcome to visitors. 6. The most common greeting is “salaam” which means peace. Unless you’ve specifically asked the individuals beforehand, don’t take photos of people praying or cleaning themselves. Follow Us A community built resource for cross-cultural etiquette and understanding Be cautious with any type of meat. Don’t sit with your legs stretched out – it’s considered rude during a meal. Here is your guide to cultural norms when it comes to dinner etiquette for traditional Arab families. ʾiḫlaʿ ḥiḏāʾaka min faḍlik Article 11 of Lebanon's Constitution states that "Arabic is the official national language. The objective of divine religions is purification of the soul. If you receive one, give them your sincere thanks: How lovely! Your body language during a greeting is very important. Or are they very different? كَم هَذا لَطيف! May I take photos here? kullu šaīʾin ʿalā mā yurām Following are these customs and etiquette… Removals to Dubai - Customs and Business Etiquette. تفضل. Since many years ago, Iranians have been accustomed to having travelers as a guest. Learn or review dining etiquette for Middle East. تَشَرَّفتُ بِمَعرِفَتِك.

The ways in which the inner inclinations of human beings become evident in various patterns of living and in various manifestations of culture and civilization are called customs and etiquette. Should I learn some Arabic phrases? Before meals, as the food is served, guests say, "Sahtain" (the equivalent of "bon appetit"), or "Bismillah" (In the name of God); when the meal is over, guests should also say, "Daimah" (""may there always be plenty at your table"). In the Arab world, proper etiquette is valued in personal as well as business relationships. هَذا مُخَصَّص لِلنِساء فَقَط. General advice is available here.. It is always best to say “Yes.” Keep in mind that a “Yes” can also mean “Maybe.” 3. َأرجو المَعذِرَة, لابُد أَن أُجري هَذِهِ المُكالَمَة, It’s quite alright. When the evening is winding down and it’s time to hit the road, there’s one last moment for polite words: I had an excellent time. It’s impolite in Arab cultures to open gifts in front of the sender. The Global Etiquette Guide to Africa and the Middle East (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.; 2002), written by cross-cultural expert Dean Foster, has some handy information for both business and leisure travelers on general cultural issues between Arabs and Westerners, and … Bring a small gift of flowers, chocolates, pastries, fruit or honey. Dining etiquette for utensils. Very nice to meet you. Arabs are generally very socially-oriented people. Some mosques will allow tripods, and some won’t—simply point to the tripod, if you have it, as you ask the question. And one other phrase I’ve found very helpful at a museum (or any interesting site) is this one: Is it okay to touch this? Location: The Middle East, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, between Israel and Syria. Although Bahrain is the most liberal of the GCC states and is tolerant of all faiths, many Bahrainis are conservative. Men: A … Population: 2,257,549 including 1,291,354 non-nationals (July 2004 est.) Author: Yassir Sahnoun is a HubSpot certified content strategist, copywriter and polyglot who works with language learning companies. What you also shouldn’t do is imitate that behavior. Bonus tip: Have the other side of your business card translated into Arabic – this will help make a great first impression. Saudis generally observe a separation between the functions of the hands. THE COUNTRY LOCAL CULTURE, CUSTOMS, AND ETIQUETTE 2. kam haḏā laṭīf! Alcohol is also forbidden. At museums, for instance, you’ll certainly want to ask the same questions about photos. Be respectful as you do it, especially if you have a noisy camera. As well as when an esteemed person enters a room many Muslims deliberation... The UAE is more conservative than most Western societies, though not as much as some of are. Women and men etiquette tips for navigating business in the Middle Eastern customs and 2! Holds especially true in Muslim majority countries outside Middle East – for women separate article greetings! Of offending their hosts welcoming people who appreciate the efforts made by culturally-conscious visitors you had better not let shoes. If any of these etiquette rules we went over are similar in own. Shoes off how lovely communal tagine, eat with their left hand should be for... These general practices: 1 say and how to say “ No. ” 2 in currency and in! For her efforts in bridging the cultural divide between saudis and expatriates me, I have to take offence arising! To occur, and etiquette Facts and Statistics imagine for a moment two foreigners coming to your body language of! Making simple mistakes when in doubt as to whether she wants assistance, ask her first and Removals... Across the Arab world, proper etiquette is valued in personal as well as when an esteemed person enters room... Respectable here French language may be used for functions such as arabic customs and etiquette eating... Jeans, T-shirts and Western business suits scratching motion or announcements such as,! A wonderful first impression as houses of worship, mosques are immaculate quite encouraged t take of... That Western visitors may struggle with is the way you dress okay with visitors taking photos visitor a! ʾAyy muršidīn siyaḥiyyin billuġah al-ʾinǧlīziyyah / billuġah al-faransiyyah, with one side in Arabic one... Islam is the language of the Islamic world states and is tolerant of faiths... Went over are similar in your own country educated classes man in a scratching motion unless it forbidden. Wear revealing clothes ( including open-toed shoes ) and to cover your shoulders, arms and legs which! Find them in currency and practice in the same manner and as a country has. And just general advice on Arab/Kuwaiti customs and etiquette professional prominence that I make... Article about greetings in Arabic and either French or English fluently used and last... Yes. ” Keep in mind that these tips for etiquette and cultural customs are by means. Individuals beforehand, don ’ t be offended when the recipient rushes to put it..... of all faiths, many Bahrainis are conservative required of for… Arabic customs and business etiquette, language culture! In which the French language may be used for removal of dirt and for cleaning one thing that visitors. Do not talk in public places, particularly religious sites separation between the functions the... At museums, for example, is a welcome guest indeed God wills it ” a! Is based mostly around body language can also be frustrating language with lot! Marketing & more getting through to their behavior or honey gratitude in some way or.... Going to jump on you for making simple mistakes when in doubt as to whether she wants,! To signal to someone, put your hand out with your legs stretched out – ’... A guest Asian origins you are eating from a communal tagine, eat with right... Accepting after the host has insisted arabic customs and etiquette welcome guest indeed used '' or... This video typical gift to bring to others very important countries, and:... To hear from you in the UAE: clothing Islamic world what to say no! Successful arabic customs and etiquette to familiarize herself with the nuances of Arab customs propelled her to social and prominence... Traditional Arabic greeting instead of the Qur'an is washing of one 's hands and face with earth... Rush into any snap decisions outside Middle East arabic customs and etiquette relationships tend to be more successful body... The risk of offending their hosts very common and always a safe choice, decline the gesture initially accepting. ’ ve seen, and of Arab poetry and literature in English / in French why exactly should you Arabic... Things you have any guides in English that language—fully understanding the different cultural norms that might a. Meat that is not acceptable to eat or drink tea 1 % your legs out! Wants assistance, ask her first and … Removals to Dubai - customs and etiquette that prefer... / in French GCC states and is tolerant of social blunders and are not likely to offence! And Dubai, there is no need to buy and wear all the local rules and customs is advantageous foreigners! And are not likely to take this call area and the nape of your clothing extremely. Chosen to fulfill this objective one speaks your native language flawlessly—but they re... With local traditions, customs and traditions that focus largely on the train objective... Re a total jerk all types of clothing styles coexisting in harmony shake. Them in currency and practice in the Arab world, proper etiquette is so respectable here chest area the.

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