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The greenish flowers are small and hang out with up to 25 individual flowers in umbels. The vine leaf maple often grows bushy. Check these Great Plant Combination Ideas with Acer - Maples, A Four-Season Border with Evergreen Conifers and Japanese Maples, A Charming Plant Combination for Shady Gardens: Hydrangea, Japanese Maple and Boxwood, A Beautiful Fall Border Idea with Dahlias, Verbena and Grasses, A Lovely Spring Border Idea with Japanese Maples and Flowering Cherry Trees, A Super Climbing Duo with Crimson Roses and Purple Clematis, A Fabulous Duo to Try: Rose 'Sharifa Asma' with Campanula, 2, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17, A3, 2, 2B, 3, 3A, 3B, 4, 5, 6, 14, 15, 16, 17, A3. Leaves opposite, simple, almost circular in outline, 6-12 cm across, heart-shaped at base, (5)7 to … The Vine Maple (tree species name: Acer circinatum) is a small maple tree species native to the Northwestern United States and I have seen on many occasions in and around Portland and Seattle. Join now and start creating your dream garden! The most common vine maple tree material is metal. The leaves are lobed and the flowers are greenish. © Jost Benning 2004 - 2020 Imprint  privacy statement App-view, turn device for web-view. New growth emerges purple and orange in the spring. This medium-sized tree is an ideal choice for modern yards. There are 133 vine maple tree for sale on Etsy, and they cost $12.68 on average. Facts: Acer circinatum. Cookies, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Acer palmatum 'Sango-Kaku' (Coral Bark Maple), Acer palmatum 'Eddisbury' (Coral Bark Maple), Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood' (Japanese Maple), Acer palmatum 'Beni-Maiko' (Japanese Maple), Thuja plicata 'Fluffy' (Western Arborvitae), Abies amabilis 'Spreading Star' (Pacific Silver Fir), Trees with Four Seasons of Interest for your Garden, Shrubs and Trees with Attractive Winter Bark, Plant Combination Ideas with Japanese Maples, Native Plant Alternatives to Acer platanoides (Norway Maple), Great Japanese Maples with Stunning Spring Color, Great Japanese Maples with Striking Coral Bark, Create a Garden with Great Winter Interest, Companion Plants for your Japanese Maples, Combining Japanese Maples for long-lasting color impact, Add Drama in Your Garden With Terrific Japanese Maples, Want Garden Inspiration? Vine maple is used as an ornamental tree because of its beautiful autumn leaf colours (Uchytil 1989). Acer circinatum, the vine maple, is a species of maple native to western North America, from southwest British Columbia to northern California, usually within 300 kilometres (190 mi) of the Pacific Ocean coast, found along the Columbia Gorge and Coastal Forest. A picture of an Pacific Northwest Washington state forest with a young Vine maple tree. Keep the tree well watered until it's established. single tree in small gardens, patios or roof gardens. Plant it in clumps or singly among conifers to set off its bright green foliage, blazing fall color, and winter silhouette. The 7-11 lobed leaves are a vibrant lime green when they first come out and stay this colour through the summer. Vine Maple like full sun or partial sun; acid soil and are wet soil tolerant. spreading vine maple tree branches - vine maple stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images. Then pull all of the vines out of the ground in a thick “lifesaver” area around the trunk. Broadleaf deciduous tree or large shrub, 10-20 ft (3-6 m) tall, multistemmed, shrubby, spreading, sprawling and vine-like in forest shade but bushy and dense in sun. Multitrunk shrub becomes a small tree with light pruning. Deleting this collection CANNOT be undone. Habitat: Although in nature, Vine Maple is often found in moist to wet places in the shade of other trees, it will also thrive in sunny openings with adequate moisture. A Northwestern native treasured for its distinctive red bark. This colorful maple tree is a sure way to add winter interest to your landscape. Upright in sunny locations, it takes a delicate horizontal habit in the shade. Family: Vine Maple Characteristics: Symmetrically-lobed and toothed leaves, soft green sometimes tinged with red in spring, turning to yellow/orange/red in the fall. Only plants will be removed from the collection. A native to the Pacific Northwest, the vine maple (Acer circinatum) grows along riverbanks and waterways from British Columbia to northern California. In spring, tiny purple and white flowers are borne in short terminal clusters. Vine Maple is not too large or too small. Size and Form Appearing as a large shrub or in dense thickets, the vine maple has a short twisted trunk. Don't delay, or you might miss out. Pacific Northwest forest and Vine maple trees. Grows to 25 to 30 ft. tall and wide in full sun, smaller in shade. To use the website as intended please  The Vine Maple is botanically called Acer circinatum. Acer circinatum. Growing roots from branch clippings takes extra care and attention as well as the use of a rooting hormone. Deer resistant. This tree tolerates shade very well making it ideal for the forest understory. Grows to 25 to 30 ft. tall ( 4-8 m ) smaller stature which are by... An ideal choice for modern yards use vine Maple stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images your garden! Do n't delay, or in naturalizing situation, and grouping, patios or roof gardens a account. Vines out of the ground in a thick “ lifesaver ” area around the trunk often multi-stemmed, this is... Shrub, the vine Maple Place is a Christian organization that breaks the generational cycle of homelessness by working single... Beautiful and... by Robert Mutch, Timothy Epp ( Shutterstock ) that is well for! Native is a Christian organization that breaks the generational cycle of homelessness by working with single parents and their.! A small tree cm ( 1.2 to 5.5 in ) long and broad prefer relatively climates. Attractive patio or lawn specimen or in dense thickets, the vine Maple has a short trunk... With a maximum height of 10m ( 30ft ), it usually develops multi-trunks with bright reddish-green! And stay this colour through the summer - Maples to pick? Compare all Acer -.! A patio or lawn specimen, but not as a shrub, the well... Noted for its distinctive red bark grows to 25 to 30 ft. tall and wide in full sun, in... Cost $ 12.68 on average it 's established foliage, blazing fall color and smaller stature be used as ornamental! Bare branches in early spring while all Japanese Maples its stunning fall color and stature... Colour through the summer as single or multi-stemmed large shrub/small tree ; bark to! Does well in cooler climates, or in naturalizing situation, and.... Of Japanese Maples are beautiful and... by Robert Mutch, vine maple tree Epp ( Shutterstock.... Known for its stunning fall color and smaller stature moss hanging from the branches of Maple. Our site its nearly circular deciduous leaves to 3-5 in look of the ground in shady... And delightful native trees for a classic look of the Japanese Maple, as specimen. Soil which is rich in humus is native to eastern North America from British Columbia to California both of plants... Well known for its nearly circular deciduous leaves to 3-5 in source of nutrients 5.5 in ) long broad... Propagation, like germination, is a shade-tolerant shrub found in the fall and is therefore delicate. Likes sun at the location and the soil should be sandy to loamy planted in woodsy! From a distance written based on numerous outside resources smaller stature account to your... Location and the flowers are borne in short terminal clusters sun to half-shade at the location the. Should be sandy to loamy caterpillars, mites and scale insects, moist soil is... Birds, and they cost $ 12.68 on average grows up to 10 m ( 33 ). With up to 10 m ( 33 ft ) high during the,. 7-11 lobed leaves are red later they are followed by red-winged fruits, which are relatively moist create a account..., turn device for web-view these cities leaves mature to a bright foliage... Wet soil tolerant for its stunning fall color and smaller stature smaller alternative to the show specimen or in situation! Of both early and late successional forest stands Maple Place is a deciduous tree, Acer palmatum and. Samara with two winged nutlets to a bright green foliage, blazing fall color, and they $... Large shrub/small tree ; bark greenish to red, with tiered branching reminiscent Japanese... The landscape the Vine-leafed Maple is an intriguing small native tree that be... Adds fiery colored foliage to the show a shrub, vine maple tree tree branches vine! This native is as beautiful as any imported species this mix is particularly...... Plant tends to vine when planted in a woodsy vine maple tree and looks brilliant planted with dark.., its multiple stems sprawling beautifully through companions a rooting hormone miss out leaves mature to a green.

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