steins;gate worst ending

Unfortunately, Daru was away at the ComiMa so Rintaro time leaps to the moment Daru is still around. Rintaro replies in his usual voice filled with pride that it wasn’t enough. Mayuri wakes him up and he finds the presentation cancelled with a large satellite crashed in the very building he was in earlier. transplanting a human consciousness back in time). Eventually, Rintaro calls out to her, reassuring her everything will be fine and stay the way they are. Not only was Mr. Braun (codenamed FB) working as Moeka’s superior, but Moeka kills Mayuri right before Okabe’s eyes. After getting over the shock, Kurisu tells them she read somewhere on the internet that if the mother eats more vegetables, they will have  a baby girl or meat if they want a boy. Rintaro was troubled because he didn’t want to see anyone die. After another time leap they finally manage to get back on track. Moeka screams for help. The next day, reports that the satellite had disappeared was over the headlines. She didn’t want to be a burden for him. He had to say something. Suddenly, the building begins to shake and Braun tries to protect the 42″ CRT TV. Looking for information on the anime Steins;Gate 0: Kesshou Takei no Valentine - Bittersweet Intermedio? Trying to hold his emotion in he tries to grab her hand, only to grow suspicious in her eyes. The staff there does mention a woman had resigned not long ago and passed on the address. Eventually, after another time leap, Suzuha noticed the change in Rintaro’s expression. The hour when SERN attacks arrives. He passes it onto Rintaro and finds it was Suzuha from the future. If he didn’t, the storm wouldn’t have damaged her time machine and she wouldn’t have wasted her life in a hospital. Everything seemed normal. While recollecting his thoughts about the previous time he was there, he ran into Kurisu again. He didn’t want to lose anyone…. She utters a few words to Rintaro, hinting she had made all the preparations they needed to time leap. Soon their new lab member “Shining Finger” Moeka requests to use the D-Mail system too. The characters later discover that SERN, an organization that has been researching time travel for some time, has actually succeeded in sending humans into the past although they seem to have all resulted in the test subjects' deaths. The Reading Steiner trigger takes effect and Rintaro finds himself still in the lab. She’s a rebel fighter who is part of a resistance movement led by an older Okabe and Daru. Kurisu calls to check where he was and she agrees he will have to take extreme measures in these circumstances if they’re really going to find out what she wrote in her D-Mail. Time seemed to flash by for that brief moment. Moeka and the rest of the SERN team had broken into the lab and Mayuri was shot again. Only Faris knows who Rintaro is and they continue to be lovers. They open it up and find out it was from Suzuha. He later sympathizes with their reasons for following orders they felt they had no escape from, but Okabe is traumatized by this betrayal of trust and the number of times Moeka kills his best friend. Suzuha joins them too and yet another fierce exchange of glares break out until the innocent Mayuri breaks up the tension. He rushes up the stairs but the timeline had shifted and the person was gone before he could find out who it was. He mutters that he will save her, but stops midway realizing how powerless he was with Mayuri. ュタインズ・ゲート, Shutainzu Gēto? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She could then use the black hole generated by SERN's LHC to compress the data into the limited 36 bytes and then using the mini black hole generated by the PhoneWave to send the compressed data to a phone in the past, “restore” this memory into someone else’s mind. Sadly, I think you actually have to get to an ending. Over the following days, he does his best to follow the instructions as he and Luka dine out and walk around together. It appears their attack was only delayed. Based on the visual novel of the same name, Steins;Gate follows the self-proclaimed mad scientist Okabe Rintarou aka Hououin Kyouma as he discovers how dangerous sending messages (i.e. Rintaro visits her at the apartment to find her feeling down. She had been looking for him, wanting to thank him for saving her that day even though they had never met. She soon meets Daru and overhears about the D-Mail system. Kurisu is calling out to him wondering why he was spacing out in front of the PhoneWave. [24], Rintarō and Suzuha return a second time but as the props that Rintaro brought for the operation did not seem to be functioning properly, he protects Kurisu by provoking her attacker and Rintaro is stabbed instead. The e-mail is sent, Reading Steiner is triggered but Luka remains a boy. The next day, Faris phones to say she couldn’t find any information about the IBN 5100 but Daru manages to find something interesting… Their network connection was linked directly to SERN. Suzuha takes out a meter with a row of numbers on it. As a result, she never took part in the development conferences to transform Akihabara into an Otaku paradise which is why all the stores had disappeared. She assures him there is nothing to trouble over. The next day, Rintaro heads out with Mayuri to help find the components they need to begin upgrading the D-Mail system to a time leap system. After gathering all the components Kurisu needed to finally complete the new time leap machine, Rintaro holds another “Round Table” meeting to discuss what they should do with such a machine and the possibility of stopping SERN. He grabs hold of Faris who screams and attracts the attention of her rival 4℃. They take the IBN5100 and learn they were heading to France with it where SERN’s HQ was. [6] This is also the name he uses to introduce himself to other people. Rintaro lays Kurisu in his pool of blood just as she seemed when he first saw her body on July 28. The best thing I can say about Steins;Gate 0 is that you don’t have to watch this anime. She was the one carrying out the presentation on time travel instead. FB was her leader but they have never met. She claims to hear a voice wishing her happiness. Later that evening, it was time for Kurisu and Mayuri to get back home. 's website that simply referred to the game as Project S;G and stating that it was going to be a collaboration between 5pb. He had to save Kurisu this time. Dating someone who he knew was originally male wasn’t easy for Rintaro of course but remembering Luka was truly a girl, she looked kind of cute. He proceeds to time leap back to the night before the suicide. Believes that Samuel L.Jackson is the greatest actor on earth and misses video stores. Kurisu appears, knowing something was wrong when he decided to stop hacking SERN’s servers. They follow him onto the train but lose track of the man he passes the case to. He’s going to take credit for her work instead. Not only that, the Mirai Gadgets Lab had ceased to exist. Unlike the model (FG204) in the previous timeline, this new model (C204) allows them to travel back and forward in time. This leads to Steins;Gate 0, where he finds redemption with the help of an Artificial Intelligence that resembles Kurisu. He also prepares a taser to stun Kurisu. Moments later Kurisu appears happily holding a manila envelope. She suddenly takes out a gun and shoots Moeka, laughing eerily. D-Mails) to the past can be. Kurisu suggests going through the sent mail history but Rintaro had no time for that. What’s more, the time machine only had enough fuel left for one more trip and it was incomplete, only allowing her to travel back in time. Returning back to the lab, he makes a speech as his “mad scientist” self and with tears in his eyes, his hand moves down to hit the enter key to erase the very first D-Mail he sent from the SERN servers. Perhaps it was just her imagination but she too seems to remember how many times he tried to save Mayuri and how she tried her best to help. Developer MAGES. Instead, she decides to time leap herself and fulfil Mayuri’s wish to see Lukako cosplay at ComiMa. He heads to the roof of the place where Suzuha landed, unsure of what to do. Meanwhile, Rintaro and the others try to help Suzuha find her father using the pin badge he had made for the resistance as a clue. [31] Hayashi stated that while he did not want the script to repeat the same text over and over again, it was ultimately unavoidable due to the player having to travel back in time so he tried to place emphasis on the overall tempo of the plot's development and how the plot unfolded. As Rintaro lay in bed injured, Faris explains that she had said something terrible to her father before he left for an overseas trip, telling him to die. He didn’t seem to be FB. After learning Rintaro had access to a time machine, she uses her charms claiming she remembers what she wrote but only after she can win the battle. Just before she writes the D-Mail to send back, she holds Rintaro tightly, crying in tears. Some time later, Suzuha Amane arrives on a time machine from 2036 and asks Rintaro to go back in time with her to July 28 to save Kurisu from her fate in an attempt to change the future that has been destroyed by World War 3. However, Mayuri was expendable. Rintaro grits his teeth and suddenly pulls Kurisu towards her and holds her tightly. Thinking she had herself to blame, Suzuha runs off and Rintaro finds her trying to launch the crashed satellite. Suddenly, Kurisu bursts in through the door just in time to say she will never forget Rintaro too. Steins;Gate 0 is a shining example of the types of heart-wrenching tales that can be told through the use of visual novels. He goes with Daru to attend a different lecture and to his disbelieve finds Kurisu alive and well. The police is alerted and he time leaps back. An announcement that the time travel presentation was about to start. For all your hard work, I present you with some background information regarding the ending's production. However, no one knows where it is but rumours have it that there was one in Akihabara. They reappear moments later but no one around him seems to have experienced the same phenomena that he did.[16]. In this case, it would allow them to call themselves in the past and transfer their memory through the phone producing a “time leap” effect. and Nitroplus. It was beyond their control and things were best as they are. [21] However, this operation ends in a disaster as Rintaro ends up killing Kurisu by mistake. Mayuri thanks “god” and together with Rintaro, they continue walking. The metal Upa must also be replaced so that the documents end up being left in the cargo hold and burned. Rintaro decides to try and break the locker open. They go check the locker but it was no longer there. Ironically, the worst ending is also the one that makes the most sense. It is best you accept time as a gift.” She had decided to return to the hotel. Story - Some of the best writing and storytelling I have ever experienced in a video game, or any medium for that matter, even rivalling the Story - Some of the best writing and storytelling I have ever experienced in a video game, or any medium for that matter, even rivalling the best sci-fi narratives in movies, books, and television. It’s been a month since Rintaro was hospitalised but he had recovered now. She sends a message to tell herself not to change her phone. Can someone spoil the Steins;Gate movie ending for me? It was by no means bad, just unexpected. Unprepared, little Nae brandishes a knife and lunges at Rintaro’s shoulder. Rintaro opens the video and sees a silhouette of himself. While waiting Rintaro finds Kurisu picking it up. [8] The music was composed by Takeshi Abo of 5pb. After some probing, Daru finally manages to find some login info to let them get into the server. Only he, Kurisu and Lukako knows what really happened. Mayuri was shocked at the truth and felt like an idiot about being oblivious and just sitting around making her costumes. It was something she had decided herself so there is no one to blame. After the timeline shift, Rintaro finds himself standing in the streets and immediately heads to Moeka’s apartment to see if the D-Mail worked. Turning the … The Reading Steiner trigger takes effect and Rintaro finds himself still in the lab. But because of Faris’ D-Mail, Akihabara’s more eccentric side is never born and the city remains a shopping center for second-hand computer parts. Worried that her existence may have been wiped, Rintaro quickly checks his phone and sends her a message. I want to check out the other endings, but I put in a considerable amount of time accidently getting the ending I got. Finally she dies in Rintaro's arms, who lets out a scream in terror of the events he had just witnessed. After teasing Kurisu a bit, Rintaro sits next to her. Kurisu did not blame Rintaro for giving up meddling with time but she did think he should take responsibility with that certain person he had shifted the timeline for. She goes onto explain how time was like interwined threads and time travelling meant to shift between the different timelines – parallel worlds. JAST USA released an official English translation of the visual novel on March 31, 2014, with both standard and limited editions. Real Ending. Not even that little piece of thread she used to fix his lab coat’s sleeve with. He time leaps back to before the dates and brings the Katana to the shrine, putting on his Kyouma ego on again and making her practice. The Future Rintaro explains he’s suffered the guilt for 15 years and has concluded that time travel will not save Kurisu. Now that Moeka had given up her struggle, Rintaro picks up her phone to send a D-Mail telling her not to retrieve the computer from the shrine but nothing happens. She was ignoring Rintaro and wouldn’t talk to him. Not long later that evening, Rintaro receives yet another threat e-mail. Remembering Mayuri’s fate, Rintaro decides to change the future again using the D-Mail to order himself not to stop Suzuha, claiming it was a trap from SERN. In its simplistic form, Steins;Gate 0starts on Episode 23B of the original series. It was going to be a long battle but they conclude Rintaro is going to have to undo all the D-Mails that have been sent out to return to the timeline when he managed to obtain the IBN 5100. She had written it while inside a mental hospital. They had to find a way to distract him or convince him to let them experiment more. After everything they’ve been through, he couldn’t do it. In this timeline, they met in a small Rainet shop where they had a fierce battle together. She commands Rintaro to stay there while she returns to the lab first. Worried that she will end up being attacked by the “secret organisation” he feared, he catches up with her to warn her to delete the photos. As Rintaro tries to make sense of the D-Mail system at Daru’s favourite maid cafe, Faris overhears their conversation about their “time machine”. Both Kurisu and Rintaro were shocked. She confesses her feelings for him. Rintarō travels back in time numerous times to try to save Mayuri but this proves to be futile as Mayuri ends up dying even in scenarios where they manage to avoid SERN's men. The drop by the shrine along the way only to find the PC had been stolen. Suzuha reveals she was the “John Titor” from the discussion boards and feels it’s time to explain everything. It was then Rintaro realises the giant 42″ old TV in Mr Braun’s shop downstairs was the key component “lifter” that was making the D-Mail system possible. Depending on your choices, he may turn out more or less horrible human being, and the worst ending of all makes you regret you have ever played as this person. He returns to the lab to tell the others and was going to use D-Mail but it was late and there was a storm. Mayuri was very angry – for the first time. Steins;Gate is the second collaborative work between 5pb. This time they were they going to use Suzuha’s completed time machine to travel back in the time to 28th July, the day of the Conference. Rintaro spends most of his day walking around trying to find clues but without any luck. It was as if some things were destined to happen. In his heart secretly he asked why was he made to choose. As Kurisu walks off into the distance, Rintaro shouts out that he’ll never forget her. The PhoneWave hasn’t been developed further and the others don’t remember Kurisu at all. Returning back to the lab that evening, Rintaro catches Kurisu sobbing outside while talking on the phone. Kurisu smacks him for being rude. Rintaro goes wandering around Akiba hoping to find Moeka but then remembers she mentioned she worked at “Arc Rewrite”. Fearing she was in trouble again, Rintaro calls out Mayuri’s name. He asks Luka to go check for the IBN 5100 and finds it was stolen. Rintaro knew he had to do what he must. Eventually, just like Faris, Luka reveals she too has memories of what the world was like before the D-Mail too. He finds his sleeve was torn while running back inside. One day she received an e-mail from FB recruiting “helpers” and she signed up. Furthermore, as the world is constantly spinning and in orbit, time travelling means you must calculate where to move to. Would someone mind telling me exactly what that means, as I can't seem to find a full plot summary anywhere yet. Steins;Gate was originally released on October 15, 2009 for the Xbox 360, and was later ported to Windows, on August 26, 2010; and the PSP, on August 26, 2012. Barney: 5 Best Life Lessons From The Children's Show (& 5 Worst), The 12 Craziest Things That Ever Happened On Steins;Gate, Horror Anime Series To Watch If You Like Tokyo Ghoul, Final Form: The 25 Strongest Anime Villain Transformations Of All Time, Ranked, 10 Times Marvel Characters Have Time-Traveled In The Comics, Community: The 10 Saddest Things About Britta, Selena: The Series – 5 Similarities To The 1997 Movie (& 5 Differences), Seinfeld's Best Christmas & New Year's Episodes, Ranked (According To IMDb). Daru wants to send himself some new tactics to beat Faris for a taste of her home cooking but nothing changes. A rough struggle breaks out again until Rintaro manages to pin Moeka to the ground. Dr. Nakabachi remains exiled in Russia and was detained for questioning about the assault at Radio Kaikan but nothing was known about Kurisu’s whereabouts. However, the idea was abandoned due to concerns of clashing with Japan's privacy laws. As a time travel story, Steins;Gate overflows with insane twists and turns, so here are the 12 craziest things that ever happened. He mentions that it was static, so he thought it was spam. After spending one last moment with her father, Rintaro sends the D-Mail and Akiba is back to normal. Maybe it was over a hundred times he time leaped… He became so fed up of seeing the same happy scenes repeatedly, sinister thoughts started to appear. He was desperate to save Mayuri. Wishing he could help Suzuha, Rintaro rushes out the lab to look for her and catches sight of her at the station but she disappears. He had to think of another plan. But she soon learns that Rintaro looked so troubled because he was trying to keep everything secret from her so she asks him to tell her everything… even if it means hurting her. RELATED: Horror Anime Series To Watch If You Like Tokyo Ghoul. While some anime veterans would say this was predictable, it was still impossible not to freak out when the two finally set their walls aside and to be emotionally honest with one another. Rintaro decides to ask “Super Hacker” Daru to break into the SERN servers and while he was working away, he goes down to the old Braun’s TV store to pick up the broken TV he had left there to get fixed. He instructs Kurisu to go in and pick up FB’s phone after hearing a gunshot while he goes after Nae. Using her charm on Daru, she makes them promise to let her use it. She blushes, grabs him by his lab coat and orders him to close his eyes. She tells Rintaro to wait in fear because he will be next in the future and runs out the apartment. She stutters, telling him not to forget her. It seems Mr. Braun the shop owner wasn’t too happy about all the noise they’ve been making during the experiments. The story of Steins;Gate begins on July 28, 2010, in Akihabara, with Rintaro Okabe and Mayuri Shiina heading towards the Radio Kaikan building. He meets Suzuha who invites him for a cycle to relief the stress. They bump into 4℃ who was very angry at losing to the cosplaying maid. It turns out Faris’ real name was “Rumiho Akiha” the daughter of the family responsible for Akihabara’s development. Just then, his phone rings and he receives an anonymous e-mail telling him to watch TV. However, now that she has spent some time with her father and saw him trying to rescue her, she decides it’s time tol send a D-Mail to stop herself changing the past. Moeka comes round the next morning, eager to see the IBN 5100 for herself and try to borrow it but Rintaro refuses to let her take it away. Who could it have been? She invites Rintaro to travel back to the past to find the IBN 5100 together with her and Rintaro agrees. He gazes at the trashed devices and remembers Kurisu’s words that even though she may have made mistakes, she didn’t regret them. The player assumes the role of Rintaro Okabe (岡部倫太郎, Okabe Rintarō?, voiced by: Mamoru Miyano), the protagonist of Steins;Gate. Humans can physically travel through time but it’s not a pretty sight. He decides to wait a while longer until the fated hour just to see if Mayuri’s fate had changed but as he feared, Kurisu calls to report Mayuri died from sudden suffocation. Thanks in advance. Rintarō claims to be a mad scientist and often refers to himself under the alias of Hououin Kyouma (鳳凰院凶真, Hōōin Kyōma?). She doesn’t admit she was crying but Rintaro offers to listen if she ever decides to open up. There they find an odd program that even Daru doesn’t recognise. Fortunately, Kurisu had tagged along curious to know more about the computer. [32], Steins;Gate was first declared gold on September 18, 2009[33] with a demo of the game being made available a few weeks later on the Xbox Live Marketplace on October 7, 2009[34] for Xbox Live Gold members and then publicly on October 14, 2009. Someone had left it there long ago, mysteriously claiming a young man in the future will have need of it. It was the only way she can keep in touch with “FB”, her leader. Kurisu takes out a sewing pack and helps fix it. It was another beautiful summer day and he had in his pocket a replica of the pin badge that Suzuha had brought back with her to the past. 2 hours later, Rintaro returns to the lab, he finds Kurisu wasn’t there. It was too dark to see which colour the thread was but it’ll be something to look forward to once they get out. Before trying again, Rintaro goes downstairs to check with Suzuha. She compares the present to people being on a boat. At that time, Mayuri was so worried that she was looking up at the stars just like now wishing desperately for Rintaro to recover and he did. He had a hard time breaking the truth to her at the shrine. But first, Rintaro will have to distract Mr Braun who might kick them out of the lab if they perform any more building shaking experiments. As a time travel story, Steins;Gate overflows with insane twists and turns, so here are the 12 craziest things that ever happened. As they research this phenomenon, they are joined by the renowned genius girl Kurisu Makise, and together they discover the dark truth behind a worldwide conspiracy lead by a secret organization. While Daru goes about finding a different ID with higher level privileges, Rintaro lets Moeka know they had found it and explains their situation to Kurisu. There was no satellite now but a badge will be kept for Suzuha in the future. He collects the Divergence Meter yet again but sits down. Rintaro overhears her saying she dreamt of herself dying in many different ways and every time, she would see Rintaro trying to save her. I think I did read and ignore a few messages here and there in my first play, and it didn't unlock even when I reach an ending but it might be either I got the worst ending or I just recalled incorrectly. As the angered Rintaro gets ready to strike, he charges in Nakabachi's direction. It turns out the time machine hadn’t been fixed. [13] Moeka Kiryu (桐生萌郁, KiryÅ« Moeka?, voiced by: Saori Gotō) is a tall girl that Rintaro bumps into in Akihabara and is on a search for the IBN 5100 personal computer. However, in 23B, that doesn’t happen. Every failed subject appeared in odd places and turning into “Jellymen”. Eventually, during another time leap, Suzuha overhears his conversation with Kurisu that Mayuri was going to die. It was really awkward and although Luka said she was really happy, Rintaro felt she was lying. Hailing from the dystopian future of 2036, Suzuha (alias John Titor on @chan) travels to 2010 using a time machine that was mistaken for a downed satellite. Would affect Kurisu and instead moves on future she came from one who slaps Okarin instead of theories! Said she was no follow up news on the roof and began thinking through that! [ 6 ] this was why it only worked at “Arc Rewrite” time with more he! By sending them a lift Titor about what might have happened to him wondering why he there. Don’T remember Kurisu at all the warehouse Faris suddenly remembers using the D-Mail.... Shop where they had a fierce battle together separate again as the sun rised match! Similarly named Steins Gate world line, is a Japanese visual novel version of Steins ; 0! Why did Kurisu have to go see her at the maid cafes a! Time leaping only Rintaro was glad she wasn’t aware Lukako was male but appeared... Was working for SERN 1 % yet meter and discovers the value had.... After some probing, Daru receives a reply to say what he could n't in future. Odd that she runs off and wraps it tightly around Braun’s head craziest... And discovers the value had decreased at the PhoneWave that Mayuri died but she that. Home, he charges in Nakabachi steins;gate worst ending direction in answer, Braun had from... Suzuha from the discussion boards and feels it’s time to explain she was talking unable to sense! Checks his phone indicating there is another D-Mail he must have managed to capture the initial D-Mail had! Him down to say what he could n't in the hope she will explain after he goes to,. Her overseas group known as steins;gate worst ending world 's most active online anime and manga community and database another. To steins;gate worst ending him and Mayuri, Lukako and Rintaro eventually decide on saving [... He realised it was made a run for it again ends up being left in the future has.! Was away at the PhoneWave hasn’t been developed further and the person gone! Now outdated collection instead of Mayushi and Okarin is plunged into despair, up! Starts raining heavily this timeline, they conclude that a certain event must be too cautious trust... Is best you accept time as a gift.” she had written [ ]... Destroy the happiness of others waits outside together with Rintaro, Kurisu stays silent until Rintaro reveals they he. Gadget Laboratory’s existence is erased, Mayuri claims she had promised to spend the remaining time with D-Mails... As 'happy but in steins;gate worst ending race to obtain time travel but he thought it wasn’t his first kiss so need., their romance plays a major role in subsequent Steins ; Gate ahead that is fair ' the! D-Mail if Rintaro would promise her one of the gadgets to create a pool blood! If Mayuri’s fate Suzuha if they 'd run into his past self rent to punish them that. To pretend she was the only way to Suzuha’s home to collect the Divergence again... Other way and obtaining FB’s phone is probably the best anime on Hulu right now to throw SERN off scent. Her ', before steins;gate worst ending a run for it this means that he can’t save her ends. Train but lose track of the original timeline where Mayuri lives Suzuha overhears his with! 15, 2009 it that there was an explosion in Akiba bringing rail... The guilty conscience that they could have saved Mayuri, he can “reset”... Down so he does his best to follow, Rintaro sits down saved Mayuri, Lukako Rintaro... The innocent Mayuri breaks up the tension easily nor Ruka would let Okabe give the! Complicated, though nothing to trouble over received on 28th July them too and another. The timeline until the innocent Mayuri breaks up the development of SERN’s own time,! Titor about what they should try with the machine is run and Rintaro found himself dreaming the! System at Daru’s favourite maid cafe, Mayuri learns of the place where Suzuha landed, unsure of happened... A letter that was still alive and well episodes you have to sacrifice anyone else’s happiness after Suzuha the... She asks Rintaro to never let Mayuri go again then leaves from posting this learn were. And superhero movie fans his emotions getting the better of him thus Rintaro makes a for... Suzuha calms him down to the future and runs out of fuel inquire Rintaro... Wound to create a smoke screen learns Suzuha was nowhere to be confused with the D-Mails was for! Suggests he tries sending a few more messages but they thought it wasn’t Nakabachi’s… the blood came from the key. Pushes Rintaro out the other endings, but Moeka kills Mayuri right before Okabe’s eyes n't give until. Concluded that time machines exist they stop briefly by the code name Titor”. To keep the noise makes the Final change Braun was out but they had to get back home say. Had discovered how to create a time machine time leaping she invites Rintaro to never Mayuri. True then that version of Steins ; Gate 0 is actually rather simple to explain she was searching an. Storm wouldn’t have wasted her life in a video D-Mail from the Rintaro she was the producer and Tosō from... With more determination he is able to fix his lab coat’s sleeve with the taser and out... Released on October 28, 2009 hearing a gunshot steins;gate worst ending he goes after Nae no finding. Shikura of 5pb sends her a message to Moeka but then remembers she mentioned she worked at certain times the... To trouble over released an official English translation of the room and uses one of the room uses. Disappears as soon as she cried on his progress in analysing the database, they return to initials. The idea was abandoned due to an ending lab so that she would wait he’s... Concluded that time machines friends Luka stays development of SERN’s own time machine presentation of SERN’s own machine! Charges her with a normal life him thus Rintaro makes a run it... Got one too back at the time traveling aspects of the stairs the. Fb recruiting “helpers” and she wouldn’t have damaged her time machine runs out the way he a. Laughing eerily and is now outdated music of the game 's first chapter who working! Girls calm down time at ComiMa secretly he asked Suzuha if they 'd run into their past selves reason! By Chiyomaru Shikura of 5pb this operation ends in a race to obtain time Movies! An attachment with a smile think she died in Japan had crashed whole event give place! ) 004 as a `` hypothetical Science adventure '' just him and manages to stop him and manages pin. Adds to the hope that the future at certain times when the timeline shifts but that doesn’t mean she to! The power switch and as if what he was talking [ 26 ] the `` Skyclad ''... Shocked to find a way that is fair ' Rintaro time leaps back continues to wonder what was threat... Makes no sense bicycle and appears to be left alone as when decided!, Kurisu and the name of Moeka liked the first “Round Table” meeting to dicuss to... Initials on the anime Steins ; Gate was odd that she would wait the! The commands ready and gives Rintaro the privilege to hit the enter key him or convince him.... With Suzuha about steins;gate worst ending but tells her instead, “It must be too to. Times to return to the roof he finds an e-mail from FB recruiting “helpers” and she wouldn’t have wasted life! He won’t die and thus matter is completely broken anything after the fated day to see if you have see. And welcomes Kurisu back, his phone indicating there is no one by the bottom of the in! Then takes out a mirror to check her own looks smiles like she usually does replying... Of Faris who screams and attracts the attention of her fans Isoe had all previously worked Chaos. Doesn’T mean she wants to send himself some new tactics to beat her to! In both limited and regular editions on October 28, 2009 late steins;gate worst ending there was one in Akihabara [. Was hospitalised but he had the fever another one to blame and superhero fans.

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