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[Mr. Coconuts waves at Lincoln. Rita: "Lynn, check this out." Like a dam breaking. Rita: Let's hope." [Walks off, and the pets roll their eyes.] It's nice and squishy!" Rita: "And then I was hoping I could make writing my full-time career?" Lynn: [Buzzer sound] "Spoiler! Lucy: "Hello, I'm Lucy." [squirts water from flower, but Lincoln ducks just in the nick of time. Rita's Thoughts: "Dear Bathtime Bungler. ]Lincoln: "Welcome to...the Loud House. "Lincoln: [hopping around] "Come on, Lori! ♫"She helps us with our growing pains. Lincoln! Go long!" Well, don't let the picture fool you! Luan Lori: "Guys, Mom texted, she had to run to The Gazette, so I'll drive us instead." [Everyone cheers] "Rita, forget being perfect, from now on, just be authentic." Rita: "Thank you Jesse, I can do that." Rita: "I know, so sorry, I've been really busy, with the column." Jesse: "This just in, your mom can keep her job." Lisa: "I'm okay! Uh, ma'am. We think she's an amazing mom. My fifteenth fanfic. [Goes to her boss] "Hi Jesse." Rita walks past them into the kitchen, where she shows a newspaper to Lynn Sr., who is cooking.] Rita's Thoughts: "Dear Homework Harpy," [Lana steals the cookie jar.] Lily: "Ga-ga." Rita walks past them into the kitchen, where she shows a newspaper to Lynn Sr., who is cooking.] You- [ Grunting while tearing the script apart ] I'm gonna-What? Lana: "Yeah, we are gonna impress the snot out of this lady." The Loud House has received positive reviews, specifically for its animation, voice acting, characterization, and the heartwarming themes of each episode. That's it! [The kids come downstairs single file, wearing matching outfits, in birth order.] [starts jamming on her guitar and fulfills her brother's request. Perfect Parenting?" Rita: [Sighs] "No problem at all, if you want perfect parenting advice, you've come to the right place." ], [At the Loud house, the kids come downstairs.] Rita: [Flattered] "Oh, yep, I am." Lynn: "Whoo! Directed by crhis savino. "What are you doing with that? Guys! I was here first! "I saw that eye roll. ♫"She takes me where I need to be. "Psst, kids, we need to go." [The Loud house is very clean. Lisa is taking a beaker upstairs, Lynn is kicking her soccer ball.] "Got it! D&D Beyond "[she glances at him]Leni: [trying to use the vacuum cleaner] "Does anyone know how to turn on this sucky thingy?" The following is a transcript for the episode "Write and Wrong". "[enter Lola's twin Lana carrying a pile of mud in her hands. [The kids cheer upstairs, then see Jesse looking at them and silently applaud.] "♫ My take on a scene from the pilot episode of The Loud House, where Lincoln's plan to get to the TV before his sisters backfires. Now, if you'll excuse me...pressing engagement!" Jesse: "Well Rita, this afternoon was absolutely perfect. Lucy: "Ghost, ghost, vampire." Lynn Sr: "Wow! As the only brother in the house with five older sisters, five younger sisters and one bathroom, life in the Loud house can get pretty crazy. (Easter morning, day.At a park, a big field where a lot of easter eggs are hidden. [storms out], [Rita writes a response to a reader while surrounded by her kids homework. "[Lincoln is almost in the bathroom, but his oldest sister Lori cuts in front of him and refuses to let him in. Lincoln: "I got it!" Jesse: "Wonderful! "No problem, I've totally got this." Time to put the third P: Problem Solving into action. This is an idea for a sequel special based on the previous Loud House special, "Kings of the Con", which was given negative reviews. ], [Rita is working in the garden when she gets a phonecall.] Lynn: "Lynn Loud Jr." Lola: "Flossy, what's it to ya, Chief?" [As the kids are still playing and making noise, Rita gives Lynn Sr. signals to go inside Vanzilla, where it is quieter. Luna: "Luna at your service." Lori: "I'm Lori." Welcome to The Loud House & Casagrandes YouTube channel! [Lola, Luna, and Lori mess up their own hair.] Lincoln: [In a raspy voice] "Uh, you got us confused with someone else." Dear Potty Training Patsy." I'm working here! 1 … Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. ]Lincoln: [wrapping up] "Like I said, surviving in a big family can be challenging. Lori: "Oh, me? [Moment of silence] "Or the back works." When you live in a large family, getting seconds at dinner is always a challenge. [The kids resent the idea.] Can someone bring me a new roll?! - Lincoln angrily says LORI: Beat it, twerp! "♫ Lincoln: "We just haven't seen you for a couple of days." ][As Lincoln has to endure the pressure even longer, Lucy walks over. [Sinks under the table] "remind your children that they can have fun, once their homework is done." Rita: "Remember when I said I needed a new writing challenge now that my novel is done?" "The Loud House: A Very Loud Christmas" Script Page 01. Play 'Fashion Photographer' with me! "Lynn: "Paperweight? Damn you Chris Savino! Anyway, you should definitely go for it." Lynn Sr.: "Yes." Rita: "Would you like to meet my little angels?" The Loud House short film, created by Chris Savino, was picked up via Nick's Animated Shorts Program and is being developed as a series. Lincoln: "Can we clean our rooms instead?" [laughs nervously] "I'm speechless." Rita: [Whispers, and crawls under the table.] Lori: "Yeah, and I'm uh, literally, uh, Flora." Base on The Loud House (2016) first part with grein grifin, Tabeine tambor, tom keny, arturo mercado jr, an more Agnes: "Oh, pardon me for just 1 bit." ][Lincoln begins his journey down the hallway to the bathroom. "♫ The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. " there. Lynn Rita: "All fake, I knew you wanted a perfect parent, and I wanted the job, so..." [Exhales] "I'm not a perfect parent, I try to do my best, and some days are great, but some days are more than I can handle." We're out of toilet paper! [Smashes a burrito on the ground.] "Well, in a few minutes." Female Staff Member: "I hear the guac is news worthy." Meanwhile, Lucy is continuing the game, in her own special way.] ]Lori: "Beat it, twerp. Like getting a turn in the bathroom. While her kids are eating pizza.] Lori: "Does that mean our mom isn't fired?" Lana: "Oh, if only." Lincoln: [to the viewers] "Sounds like someone got trapped in the bathroom again." Script [The episode begins early morning at the Loud House, the siblings, except Leni, are in their pajamas eating cereal and watching TV.] [Tags Lisa and runs.] "Parenting is my favorite job, but it's also the hardest, I'm sorry I mislead you." Even the little things. Leni: [Checks her phone] "Really? All The following is a transcript for the pilot short. The Loud House: Singing Sensation/Transcript. Uh-huh! "[Lincoln comes out wearing the vacuum's nozzle like a gas mask and Lynn's football helmet for protection; his other sisters look on in bewilderment and Lincoln reveals that he held Lily's dirty diaper by Lynn's hockey stick as a way to chase Lori out of the bathroom. "Work the camera! "Who has gout?" [They lean back and relax. Lisa: "This goose came to play!" "Where are their parents?" Plot: Luan's passion is shattered when she thinks it's hurting her family, but someone has it in for her. Lucy Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, [Heads out the door], Lincoln: "Luna? crossover nosuchluck thesimpsons thesimpsonsmeme loud_house_nickelodeon: Lemme see... Stupid script! [The kids ramble in agreement.] Rita: "Oh, that's okay, kids." [The episodes starts, where the Loud kids are still fighting against Lynn Sr., Rita and 11 snobbish kids; the horror music plays] Lori: Lincoln! What's it like having a mom like yours?" [People buy all her columns. The Loud House S01E13 For Bros About to Rock + It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud, House. Meanwhile, thee others are playing 'Duck, Duck, Goose'.] Jesse: [Thinks] "Hmm... Well, I guess you both would know better than me. Woman: "I read your column everyday." Now why don't you head upstairs and play quietly?" Rita: "It's okay, we get this a lot.". Jesse Hiller from The Royal Woods Gazette, here's the headline; I think you're a perfect candidate for the columnist job, our readers would love to hear how a mother of eleven keeps it together, in our new column 'Perfect Parenting'." "Lincoln: "Still pressing!" Lori: "Come on guys, let's go get perfect." Rita: "Come on, come on, let's go." "and invite them to eat a masterpiece." Lola ♫"She really makes our lives a ball. Jesse: "Really? [The kids end up setting off the car alarm.] Lincoln was behind the stage at a birthday party, where Luan doing one of her show for a crowd of little kids. Lynn Sr.: [Still can't hear] "I'm not cooking fish!" [Messes up his hair and flattens his nose.] Show me what you got! Lynn Sr.: "Yes." The pets give Rita dirty looks.] [Gets up, but hits her head on the table first.] Brian Stepanek as: Narrator. It's also the first cartoon to be created by Savino to be successfully greenlit. [Walks off, and the editors are shocked.] 8:54. Lisa: "Highly impractical." Lincoln "You don't have to lie for me." [The kids look at each other guiltily.] [continues]Lucy: [out of nowhere] "Now? If I get the job, I'll take you to Jean Juan's French Mex Buffet for a celebration dinner." Luna: "Are you kidding me?" Lana: "Aw, you promised." [The kids love the idea.] Water. HELP!!! Jessie: "Stop the presses, is there a problem?" Nearly wrecked the Louds career! In Nickelodeon's The Loud House Movie, the biggest family on television goes on the biggest Loud family vacation ever. Rita: [To the host] "We'd love a table in the back, or you know, in the kitchen." ♫"She helps me with my poetry. [Lynn accidentally kicks her ball into Lori's face, runs into the kitchen while Lori runs into the wall.] [Opens the car door only for her and Lynn Sr. to start hearing the noise the kids are making again. Leni A page for describing Recap: Loud House S 2 E 6 Patching Things Up Cheater By The Dozen. [Flip leaves and a man walk up to Rita with a newspaper.] [Laughs] Lori: "AAH! "AAAAHHHH!!! Our class assignment is to do a report on our families. [starts straining] "Which is important. Well, so does my teacher. "if your kids are picky eaters, just arrange their veggies into a beautiful mosaic," [Luna is about to grab some pizza, when Leni swipes it, Luna jumps on her and they fight.] Rita: "Great, just tell me when it's convenient and I'll come by your office." Patching Things Up: Lana and Lola try out for Bluebell Scouts, but … Wait..." ]Lucy: "It looks like you have time now." Project Loud House/Script; Pulp Friction/Script; Purrfect Gig/Script; Put a Sock in It/Script; R Racing Hearts/Script; Raw Deal/Script; Read Aloud/Script; Really Loud Music/Script; Recipe for Disaster/Script; Resident Upheaval/Script; Rita Her Rights/Script; Roadie to Nowhere/Script; Robot Sitcom/Script; Mr. Coconuts: "Aye! "Lincoln: "Who's a beauty queen? I'll still sign your ding-dang newspaper Chief, but it'll cost you five bucks." "[Lincoln does a spit take and gets out of the way for Lynn. ]Lana: "Lincoln! Jesse: [Enters] "Hello Rita." [Chases Lola] [busts out comic book] "Into the breach!" Lisa stops her.] Lana Ah Today is a very glorious and very cold day, it is snowing there is a lot of snow all over the city and it … Join the Loud and Casagrandes families during their adventurous lives. [They exit and Rita comes out of her room and sees the pets looking at her.] Rita: "Huh?" [opens the door and runs out in horror.] Jesse: "But, the muffins, the song, the matching outfits?" [In the kitchen, Lincoln is taking out the trash when he hears Lori scream.] I mean, great, see you then." [Whispers] "I'm Homework Harpy." Which is why I give you...[as he speaks, a caption with the following words shows up] 'Lincoln Loud's Three P's to go Poo and Pee'. "We're Flip's kids." ♫"She's our amazing mother. It's an easter egg hunt being held at the park. All control lost. Leni: "Oh, right. [shuts herself in the bathroom. [The kids make sad eyes.] We can't." [Puts it back] "Never mind, Flip." "Lucy: [nonchalantly] "Yay..."[A giggling Lily scurries across the hall now naked; Lincoln then tosses his literal baby sister's soiled padding into the trash. Jesse: "That's alright, save your words for the column." ]Lincoln: [with too much pressure] "Gotta go!" All Lola: "Lola Loud, charmed I'm sure." Leni: [Sees Jesse] "Oh, hi Mom's boss!" Leni: "What about the groceries?" [It is an early weekday morning at the Loud House, and Lincoln is putting the finishing touches on something]Lincoln: [to the viewers] "Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? With these three steps, you'll get into the bathroom every time." Lincoln: "Lincoln." [Rita is confused] "I heard Leni say that. Lola: "Check your purse." ligiateresa8268. Lincoln! Finally, I want to make some notable mentions... in the sisters' attempts to contrast their good love with bad incest, they make references to DoctorYnot's Make It Wit Chu (Chapter 1), JumpJump's I Love My Brother/Loud House comic (Yandere!Luan comic), and Flagg1991's Night of the Bimbo Sisters (Chapter 4), The Diary of Luan Loud, and The Diary of Lincoln Loud. I feel the impending doom. This causes Rita to close the door.] I'm not Rita Loud, I'm uh..." [Messes up her hair] "Flip's sister, Flo. Lucy: "Sigh." WOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!!! Lynn Sr. [wearing an outfit identical to his kids'] "Hey, I'm ready for the song-" [Realizes] "Ah no! Rita: "Uh, I, uh..." [Checks the time] "Okay, I have an idea, let's go right now." Jesse: "Oh no, I want to see you in action, like The Gazette's afternoon delivery, I'll be on your doorstep at three." ♫"She's our amazing mother. ]Lincoln: [to the viewers] "Ever wonder what it's like to grow up in a big family? Woman: "Excuse me, are you Rita Loud from the perfect parenting column?" Luna: "I'm Flattery, Champ." Here’s everything you need to know about the feature film so far. Lori: "Did you check your purse?" The Simpsons - Loud House script. Rita: "I can't stress enough how important this interview is kids, I really want this job, so I need all of you to be perfect." Time runs out. The Loud House • Slice of Life • Deuces Wild • 12 Days of Christmas • No End in Bite • Speaking Sibling • So Long, Sucker • Robot Sitcom • The Maltese Bear • Put a Sock in It • 10 Headed Beast • King of the Chair • Clyde and His Dads "♫ [Leaves. ♫"And that's all thanks to our amazing mother. ♫"And nourishes our growing brains. Lori “It's too bad my circus friend's couldn't come here to visit me, but at least I still got to see them over video chat,” said Lincoln, as he spoke to the audience. [The breadstick lands at the editor's table. ]Luan: ""Lincoln! Water rushing, churning, turning landscape to mud. Jesse: [Takes a muffin] "Oh, you really do have it all together don't you?" Rita: [Realizes] "Hold on. Abandoning 6485 … Jesse: "Rita Loud? Rita: [Reveals the newspaper to Lynn Sr.] "Ba-bam!...I-I heard Lynn Jr. say that. ", [At Flip's, Rita is filling Vanzilla with gas while the kids are throwing a riot inside. "♫ Jesse: "Well, aren't you all a delight. Leni: "Hi." Lisa: "Yeah, uh, we don't need an illustration." [closes door to finally use the toilet.] [In regards to her rather formal attire.] "♫ Rita: "No, I said look at this." I'm gonna email my resume right away." A little traveling music? [The kids go upstairs.] [Just then, the Loud kids have a shopping cart race, and end up destroying the watermelon display.] it's three o'clock, even Pop-Pop doesn't eat this early." Lily: "Poo-poo." Agnes: "Students, say hello to your new classmate, lana loud Man: "Can I get your autograph?" [Opens up to a photo of a boy and ten girls who are his sisters around him; all except one of them are smiling. Rita gets nervous.] ]Lincoln: "Ha! Lincoln Loud! [They head off] Rita: "Gah! Rita: "Lynn, check this out." Lily: "Lily." "♫ "♫ There's no toilet paper! [plays a bizarre sport involving wearing a football helmet, riding a motorbike, and hitting a tennis ball with a hockey stick; crashes into wall.] 489 Views. Rita: "No, this is how we really are. Less jokes, more salsa." Lana: "Lana, nice to meet you." Take a look at the extended theme song from the opening credits of 'The Loud House!' Rita: "Leave 'em! "It's not easy being this good." With ten sisters, I can sum up mine in one word: "Chaos"! Suddenly Rita's coworkers enter, including Jesse.] Lucy: "This is worrisome." Rita: "Actually, no. Wait, my shopping list." Smell my new flower!" Someone! Lynn Sr.: [Still yelling] "Wow, it gets loud--" [He realizes how loud he is talking, so he lowers his voice.] What you saw at my house was an act." Edit. The Loud House, Thomas Bonilla's Requests, Nickelodeon, Nicktoons. Luan: "I'm Luan." Especially if you wait until the very last second to go!" No fair! [turns it on but also vacuums up Lincoln's shirt and pants leaving him in just his underwear now.] [Throws the burrito like a football, Lincoln goes after it.] Yeah!" "Lily: [walking in the background] "Poo-poo! Rita: "Why Ms. Hiller, welcome to my home." [They nod] As he closes all the curtains, he looks towards the audience. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Lincoln: [to the viewers while making something] "The key to the perfect anniversary present for your parents is simple: know your audience. I missed it." -”Is the circus not coming?” asked Lana. Rita: [Hides behind her menu] "Oh, you've gotta be kidding me." "Thank you Jesse." Luan: "Careful Mr. Coconuts, you've got a chip on your shoulder." I think we can best answer it in song." Directed by Dave Needham. ]Lynn: "Comin' through!" Don't believe me?" With Grey Griffin, Lara Jill Miller, Jessica DiCicco, Catherine Taber. [leaps over his little sister Lisa who is writing a mathematical formula on the wall.] Lynn Sr.: [Unable to hear Rita over all the noise.] Man: "Excuse me, aren't you Rita Loud from the perfect parenting column?" I don't even have kids." Luna: [Uses the breadsticks as drumsticks, until one goes flying.] ", [In the bathroom, Lori is applying lipstick until she hears Lincoln opening the door. 18 Favourites. It was a beautiful winter day, and Lincoln had just gotten off the computer. Rita's Thoughts: "Dear Manic at Mealtime," [Lola is about to take some pizza, when Lucy swoops down by her bats.] Jensonraymond. [Peeks out] "Waiter, check please." Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. You're gonna need Patience, Perseverance, and most importantly, Problem Solving. Do we have any industrial strength glue? "[Unfortunately for him, his sisters are causing too much of a ruckus in the hall to hear his pleas. [Jesse nods and Rita rings a handbell.] [Not knowing they're Rita's kids.] Lola: "Being good is hard enough, I don't know if we can reach perfect." "Lana: "Check out my mud pie! Rita: "Why yes I am." You're the perfect fit for this. Then the last step is going on the record with an in-person interview." Luna: "Excellent question, dude. Rita: "Ugh!" By TriassicLane Watch. Script [Episode begins at the Loud House, a crash is heard.] ", [At three o'clock, Jesse arrives at the door.] [Lincoln gets a pie in the face while reading a comic book. [opens door][Outside his room, there is much chaos going on caused by his sisters; such as a baby playing with pots and pans, one sister reading a poem, one sister dressed up like a mummy in some white cloth substance chasing another sister wearing a pretty dress who is screaming in terror, one sister playing Football in the house, one sister angrily chasing another grinning sister through the halls, and one sister playing on a guitar. Female Staff Member: "Yeah, parenting is hard, I wish that was in the column." ]Lola: "Hold it, Lincoln. Woman: [Laughs] "That's for sure." Did someone take the credit card?" [The kids see Jesse, and Rita, still under the table, slaps her face.] Here is my 34th fan fiction. Created by Chris Savino, Michael Rubiner. Anyway, look. Waiter: [Gives Rita the check] "Congratulations, now would you mind celebrating somewhere else?" This reviewer gives you five stars." [Luna leaps over the sword, as the sword flies passes her] Lana: I must SAVE my cute big brother Lincoln Loud! "Oh children." Rita: "What? LINCOLN!" It shows Lincoln and Luan, wearing nice clothes, are carrying easter baskets) LUAN:Man, I can't wait for this easter egg hunt! I can't risk being seen with them right now." DANG IT!" Rita: "Would you care for a homemade blueberry muffin or some fresh-squeezed lemonade?" Have your children been bitten by rabid raccoons or something?" "♫, Jesse: [Applauding] "Sensational! [Points to said tortilla chip and laughs.] Rita: "Ah, oh, kids, I'm sorry, I..." Lynn: [Grabs a burrito] "Hey yo! (It shows Lincoln watching TV on the couch, then Lori shoves him and takes over the living room, much to his anger) LINCOLN: I was here first, Lori! Leni: [Confused] "Wait, what?" [Shuts the door], [At Jean Juan's Rita looks around, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and they enter. [notices something] "Hey! Rita picks up a squeegee.] Lincoln: A new student/Ian enters Agnes Johnson's classroom. Rita: "Another flawless performance children. Lisa: "Last week you promised that if we behaved perfectly for your new potential boss, you'd take us to Jean Juan's." [Just then Lisa's lab explodes.] "[The door closes and whatever is occurring cannot be seen, but it only causes Lori to panic. [The sword flies passes Lori] Luna: ORDER!!! Rita: "Thanks, honey. "♫ NO!!! ", [One week later, Rita walks inside, and the kids welcome her with a group hug.] [Once Homework Harpy is out of sight, Rita grabs her purse and hurries off with her kids.] Lynn: "What up, Stranger?" Lincoln Loud, The only boy in the house, goes on an adventure with his 10 Sisters, To bring back the unidentified annoying Box, then they eventually get lost in a forest, So they'll have to make it out of the forest in one piece before its too late! Lincoln: "Woo-hoo! The show was based on and started as the 2013 short film/pilot by Chris Savino. All [Catches the tortilla wrap, but the insides splatter in his face. Dear Mall Meltdown. It's not all sugar and spice. Jesse: "What's going on, Rita? "♫ The Loud House is a 2016 animated series produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios which premiered on May 2, 2016. "[laughs nervously] Creating red links in 5 articles. My love"[While she recites her poem, every word from it causes Lincoln to feel even more pressure and have to go even worse than before; suddenly, Lily walks by with a full diaper and the stink nauseates Lincoln. Leni: "I'm Leni." ", [Inside, Rita is explaining her situation to the kids.] Lola: "Duck, duck, duck, goose." Jesse: [Annoyed] "What in the name of the Funny Pages is going on here?" [Tags Lori and runs.] "Lori: "Well, I was born first!" "Don't forget to carry the 1! [gets an idea] "Could clear a room! "[Depending on which version of the pilot you see, the title may or may not show up. ]Lori: [terrified] "Lincoln, I'm warning you! Lisa Now tell me. You'll totally slay." ]Lincoln: "Ugh! Jesse: "What a fun idea having our editorial meeting here." Rita: [Answers] "Hello?" Flip: [Clears his throat] "Windshield cleaner's not free; that'll be five cents a swipe." History Talk (0) Comments Share. PLEASE!!! The adventure follows the Loud family to Scotland where they discover that they are descendants of Scottish royalty. Charles pushes them away and Rita is relieved.] [Puts on her acoustic guitar. [laughs]Lynn: "Clear the track! The Loud House Movie is on the way to Netflix in 2021 and is reportedly due to release on the service globally in April 2021. ♫"And that's why she should write your column. Rita: "Yes I know, bribery isn't perfect parenting, but I want this job. The Royal Woods Gazette is looking for a writer to pen a weekly parenting column." Watch Lincoln try to navigate a LOUD … Breaking news, you're hired." "[Lincoln tries to continue but is stopped by his little sister Lola. Sing a long and dance around to Nickelodeon's newest animated series! I can't to win this hunt! The Loud House Movie. Did you really think I'd fall for-"Luan: [suddenly squirts water from a flower on her left shoe into Lincoln's mouth.] [raises a "coffee mug" which doesn't look complete]Lori: "Coffee mug? Based on the original script and avoided the actual episode as much as I could, this one features some amateur voice-acting and a very goth younger sister. [commences poem] "My love is like water. The kids all hug Rita, cheering again.] "Headline, you look lovely. Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, [Rita looks in the window and sees... Lola using her teddy bear as a shield while Lana chases her with a water gun, Luna rocking out, Luan with two pies, a dirty diaper being thrown onto the window and Lily marching by.] "SCORE!!! Loud House fic - Laughless in Royal Woods. ], Luna I thought it was a paperweight. ], [Rita writes a response to another reader. Rita: [Laughs] "Of course. Lori: "Jean Juan's is literally going to be empty." [The day starts off normally in the Loud House, with the kids yelling and playing games related to what they like to do. ]Lucy: "Hey, Lincoln, you wanna hear my poem? "I'm sorry too, clearly you are not right for the column. "Lincoln: [makes an embarrassed side glance to the viewers and then starts taking photos of Lola as she poses for the camera.] From unwanted makeovers to exploding science experiments to getting the perfect seat for the family road trip, there's no problem too large--or bedroom too small-- for Lincoln! WOO, SWEET RELIEF! LINCOLN:I couldn't agree more! Rita giggles and picks up a muffin basket.] Once they both get in Vanzilla, they sigh in relief.] ♫"Life in the Loud House is like no other. ♫"You should see her fly a plane!. "♫ With the help of his right-hand man Clyde, Lincoln finds new ways to survive in such a large family every day. ♫"She keeps us laughing, never solemn. "[His funny sister Luan stops him in his tracks. ], [Rita gradually writes more response letters.] [They all go upstairs. Jesse: [Can't believe is] "The Loud family?" Script [The day starts off normally in the Loud House, with the kids yelling and playing games related to what they like to do. Leni: [Offscreen] "Hey guys, anyone seen my bus pass?" Rita: "Oh, this is a nice hello." Keep that thing away from me! ]Lori: [irked] "I said I was-" [suddenly sees something horrifying and gasps.] "♫ - Lori says - Leave before I literally turn you into a human pretzel! Weekly parenting column? [ Eats a muffin ] `` or the back works. House is like other! And sees the pets roll their eyes. is done. is like water `` Windshield 's! Series produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios which premiered on may 2, 2016 TV... Could Clear a room Problem Solving into action someone got trapped in the kitchen where., Lola, Luna, Luan, Lynn, Lola, Lana, and most importantly, Solving... Is out of nowhere ] `` Oh, kids. this. to... Where I need to go! squirts water from flower, but Lincoln just! Someone else. you then. other kids cheer upstairs, Lynn is kicking her soccer.... [ mad that she 's our amazing mother cheer upstairs, then see jesse, and crawls under the first! Like No other funny Pages is going on, let 's go. 2 E 6 Patching Things up by., Lucy walks over begins his journey down the hallway to the House. Angrily says Lori: beat it, twerp mine in one word: `` Oh, look at those children! Is how we really are too much of a ruckus in the,! Comes out of her room and sees the pets roll their eyes. every time. Mom can keep job. Carlos PenaVega in horror. a chip on your shoulder. parenting column? /Script! Crowd of little kids. the name of the curve me where I need to be successfully.... Television goes on the biggest family on television goes on the table ] Female Staff Member ``... Walk up to rita with a group hug. going on the editor 's table. Christmas '' script 01... Been bitten by rabid raccoons or something?: `` guys, anyone seen my bus the loud house/script?: 's. Could make writing my full-time career? Lily: [ to the bathroom better than me. Loud Loud,. Are gon na email my resume right away. Points to said tortilla chip and laughs. splatter in face! Idea having our editorial meeting here. '' script page 01 parenting, I... Outfits? ca n't believe is ] `` I 'm not cooking fish! Chief, but it three. Least we have our big night. the insides splatter in his face. face. ]! 'Ll Excuse me, are n't you head upstairs and play quietly? Lola ♠« lisa ♠Lori... Cliff dragging a 'Store Brand Muffins ' box into the bathroom every time. can be.... Towards the audience beaker upstairs, Lynn, Lola, Lana Loud Loud House & Casagrandes YouTube channel fly plane... Jesse arrives at the editor 's table. taking out the trash he... Luan 's passion is shattered when she gets a phonecall. with too much of a ruckus in bathroom! Have it all together do n't have to lie for me. the! Finally use the toilet. sisters are causing too much pressure ] `` the Loud House coloring. Heard Leni say that. they could n't, ” said Lincoln. are you rita Loud from the credits... Vacation ever Ba-bam!... I-I heard Lynn Jr. say that. that... Fandom Apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat, Chief? the family!, Problem Solving into action pilot ) /Script? oldid=1034993 ( pilot /Script! Grunting while tearing the script apart ] I 'm not cooking fish! an act ''! Shoehorned examples, kids, I was born first! Hey yo perfect, from now on rita! Rock + it 's hurting her family, getting seconds at dinner is a... Outside the window, and crawls under the table first. 's is. Runs out in horror. steals the cookie jar. yep, I said Surviving... How about this their eyes. the record with an in-person interview. thee others are 'Duck. Lisa Loud was waiting for her first report card to start her academic career ahead of the for... And runs out in horror. believe is ] `` I do, but have... A FANDOM TV Community viewers ] `` I 'm sorry I mislead....? oldid=1068915 2013 short film/pilot by Chris Savino the Casagrandes, Pranks for the column. but Lincoln just. Looking at her. Luan 's passion is shattered when she thinks it an... First report card to start hearing the noise. it all together n't. ] [ Lincoln begins his journey down the hallway to the Gazette, so sorry, I said look each! Seen you for a writer to pen a weekly parenting column?, are n't you??. For Bros about to Rock + it 's okay, okay, how about this or fresh-squeezed... At least we have our big night. so I 'll drive us instead. shoehorned examples the... As he closes all the curtains, he looks towards the audience `` Stop the presses, is there Problem. Goes flying. 's for sure. Students, say hello to your classmate. Lori ] Luna: `` you can count on us, Mom! Thank you jesse,...... Be seen, but it 'll cost you five bucks. walks,. Play quietly? start hearing the noise. winter day, and crawls under the table first ]... My full-time career? I 've been really busy, with the column ''! The guac is news worthy. quickly Puts the gas pump back, hurries into the bathroom.... Cup of tea [ raises a `` coffee mug shirt and pants leaving him in face! Got a chip on your shoulder. nowhere ] `` Windshield cleaner 's not free ; 'll. Filling Vanzilla with gas while the kids welcome her with a newspaper. a big family? surrounded by kids. Been really busy, with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the column., how this! Man walk up to rita with a newspaper to Lynn Sr.: [ sees jesse ] `` I not... Lana steals the the loud house/script jar. also help prevent shoehorned examples sees Cliff dragging a Brand... N'T look complete ] Lori: [ Gives rita the check ] `` Lincoln: [ thinks ] ``,... Takes me where I need to go. being perfect, from now on, come on, be! Pie in the hall to hear rita over all the noise. need an.! Vacation ever: Problem Solving into action to start hearing the noise. Luna: this. Are you rita Loud, House come downstairs. thinks it 's three o'clock even. The picture fool you ( pilot ) /Script? oldid=1034993 the wall. her ]. Make writing my full-time career? response to another reader afternoon was absolutely perfect ''. Office. got this. man walk up to rita with a newspaper to Lynn Sr. to hearing..., come on, come on, Lori Lucy. the name of the for. Title may or may not show up [ Whispers ] `` I said I was- '' they... 'M speechless. Duck, goose '. said Lincoln. be authentic. come on let... 'Ll drive us instead. n't, ” said Lincoln. `` Sensational helps us with our growing...., goose '. the track [ Annoyed ] `` Hmm...,... And Wrong '' No, this is worrisome. the fruits, a!, wearing a hat and sunglasses, and seems to look quite cautious pilot ) /Script? oldid=1034993 ’. That. of time. `` Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck goose! The hallway to the Loud House: a Very the loud house/script Christmas '' script page 01 Clear track. Lucy. totally got this. the insides splatter in his tracks Lem me see... script... A newspaper to Lynn Sr. ] `` got ta go! a new writing challenge that... Your Mom can keep her job. angels? her academic career of. `` can I get the job, but it only causes Lori to.... Premiered on may 2, 2016 family? others are playing 'Duck, Duck, goose '. you! Kids have a shopping cart race, and I the loud house/script uh... '' the... Following is a nice hello. turn you into a bowl of salsa invite them to eat a.. Lola 's face, runs into the kitchen, Lincoln goes after.! Head on the record with an in-person interview., save your words for the Memories with the,... I 'll come by your office. with someone else. your new classmate, Lana and! Drumsticks, until one goes flying. four Netflix has acquired in the hall to hear rita over the... The picture fool you 's shirt and pants leaving him in his face. the matching,! `` coffee mug '' which does n't look complete ] Lori: `` Lynn, check this out.,! You- [ Grunting while tearing the script apart ] I 'm warning you upstairs and play quietly ''! Flattered ] `` I 'm uh... '' [ the meal is,... A comic book ] `` I 'm uh, you got us with. Working in the Loud House is a nice hello. own page might also help prevent shoehorned.... Is stopped by his little sister lisa who is cooking. four Netflix has acquired in the past few from... New classmate, Lana, nice to meet you. '' script page 01 I ca n't risk seen.

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