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Appl Econ 42:545–561. Police raided a warehouse in Mokopane on Wednesday. The average exchange rate for 2017 was R13.32 to the US dollar (South African Reserve Bank 2017), Bailey C (2013) Sars to clamp down on tobacco companies. Real excise revenue and legal cigarette consumption in South Africa, 1980–2018. Address: Regus Business Centre 1st Floor, … 2013), it seems that the primary rationale for making this argument was to dissuade National Treasury from increasing the excise tax on cigarettes. 1990; Roth et al. Any errors or omissions are the authors’ own. Thus, it is reasonable to assume that this individual incorrectly reported spending R0.50 in total, and actually spent R0.50 per stick. South Africa . Springer, pp 267–286, Chaloupka FJ, Straif K, Leon ME (2011) Effectiveness of tax and price policies in tobacco control. “The alleged involvement of a SARS officer is a sinister development and a full and thorough investigation must now be conducted to secure our borders.”. •Data on the price of the most recent cigarette purchase, calculate the proportion of cigarettes sold at very low prices. 2018). 20 Sept 2018, Merriman D, Yurekli A, Chaloupka FJ (2000) How big is the worldwide cigarette smuggling problem. The average price of cigarettes is almost R31 per 20-pack (Table 2). FITA welcomes tobacco ruling, bemoans surge in illicit cigarette trade 1 day ago Amahle Pillay The Fair-trade Independent Tobacco Association (FITA) says a ruling by the courts that the five-month long cigarette ban during South Africa’s earlier lockdown days was unconstitutional, is too little, too late. Twitter. Econ Inq 33:189–202, SADHS (2016) National Department of health, statistics South Africa, South African Medical Research Council, and ICF, vol 2016. Undeclared sales occur when manufacturers do not report to SARS what they produce (and then sell cigarettes with no excise or VAT paid). To the extent that the excluded smokers of single cigarettes are systematically different from those included in the sample, this could create some bias in the sample. The illicit trade in tobacco, especially cigarettes, costs South Africa’s economy billions of rand annually through lost tax revenue. DataFirst [distributor], 2018, Cape Town. Thus, the real tax on cigarettes increased by 4%. The number of cigarettes smoked per day is insignificantly associated with the purchase of cigarettes for less than R20 per pack, but is significantly positively associated with cigarettes for between R20 and R23 per pack. In fact, of the 32 provincial coefficients (nine provinces less the base province, multiplied by the four price thresholds), only three are significant (two at the 10% level and one, KwaZulu-Natal, for the

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