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Asma later married a brother of Umm Salama. But Al-Dahhak settled near Mecca[242] and he left his daughter in Medina.[243]. He was born in Mecca as a member of the ruling Hashim clan of the tribe of Quraysh. (1986). MUHAMMAD’S IMMORAL MARRIAGE TO HIS DAUGHTER-IN-LAW This article takes issue with Muhammad’s pursuit of Zainab, the wife of his adopted son. She was from a Bedouin tribe who appeared friendly to Muhammad but who had also been friends of the. “I would be live with my toys,” she said, ‘with the girls who were my childhood friends and the Prophet (PBUH) Come and originate in and they would go out of the house and he would back out after them and transport them back, for he was satisfied for my sake to have them there.” Occasionally he would say, “Stay, where you are,” before they had time to leave, and would also join in their games. She was a member of the defeated Qurayza tribe whom Muhammad selected as one of his personal slaves. Mariyah did not, it would appear, “need” to be Muhammad’s concubine.An entire year had passed, demonstrating that it was possible for her to live in his household without having sex with him. Understanding Islamic Law – Islamic Supreme Council. She had become widowed because Muslim raiders had killed her husband. She sent Muhammad a proposal of marriage, and he agreed to the contract. 179, 526-528. Then she received a proposal from Umar. [227] She possessed nothing of her own. Ibn Ishaq, cited in Guillaume, A. But this is not really relevant here, as Muhammad divorced her on the first day,[250] and therefore, whether she was poor or not, he certainly did not provide for her materially. For, if Muhammad was not himself a reliable source of welfare, then it would be equally difficult to maintain that his marriages were a form of financial relief for his wives, who may, one thinks, just as easily, have encountered great wealth elsewhere among the muslims. In a state of panic, the reluctant prophet pleaded with his wife to shield him with a blanket and protect him. Muhammad’s family – not only his wives and descendants, but his extended family too – lived off the wealth of Khaybar for the rest of their lives. His last ten wives were either widows of fallen comrades and allies or women who had been enslaved when their tribes were conquered by the Muslims. As for Muhammad’s other wives, it is true that most of them were widowed, divorced or both. At age 40 he is said to have begun receiving revelations from the angel Gabriel. Zaynab’s husband was killed at Badr; he was Ubayda ibn Al-Harith, the first Muslim to die in battle. [255][256] Secondary infections, in turn, can result in tissue loss causing fingers and toes to become shortened and deformed, as cartilage is absorbed into the body. Muhammad is said to have had thirteen wives in total (although two have ambiguous accounts, Rayhana bint Zayd and Maria al-Qibtiyya, as wife or concubine). Al-Tabari also excludes from the fifteen several other women with whom Muhammad had some kind of marriage contract but who, due to legal technicalities, never became full wives. The idea that Safiyah “needed” to marry Muhammad because her high rank meant “it would be inappropriate for her to be assigned to anyone other than the Prophet”[214] seems to assume that Safiyah “needed” to be taken prisoner, unlike the remainder of khaybar folk who were allowed to remain free. Muhammad, it would appear again, did not need to have intercourse with this woman in order to provide for her. [220] After her husband died, she became the house guest of her married sister, Lubabah. When he began to receive revelations on a regular basis, he was reluctant to go public with his status as a prophet. In fact, Umar later warned her never to ask her husband, Muhammad, for money: “If you need something, come and ask me.”[150], However, Muhammad did not marry Hafsah for her father’s money, for it seems he already had virtually unhampered access to Umar's wealth, since Umar was one of the most willing to spend his wealth "in the way of Allah".[151]. After being widowed, Khawla asked Muhammad to marry her, but he refused without giving a reason. According to the Muslim chroniclers, her father arrived home only to find that she really had been afflicted with leprosy. Hafsa was the custodian of the autograph-text of the Qur'an, which was. [176] Zayd divorced her within two years, after which, according to Muhammad, Allah commanded her to marry Muhammad himself. One of his wives was Maymunah whose name was Barrah bint al-Harith al-Hilaliyyah. This marriage ended in divorce after only a few weeks. I want to marry the Prophet. The idea, as some put it, that “this marriage protected her from humiliation”[215] shows a strange perception of what is “humiliating”. However, if Muhammad's intentions were to save her from destitution, he could have manumitted her and sent her back to her family in Egypt. When she refused to marry him, he kept her as a concubine instead. “The Messenger of Allah (PBHU) came in,” said ‘Aisha, ‘and lay depressed with his face twisted away. It is even said that she proposed marriage to Muhammad and that she offered not to take any dower. Muhammad signed the contract, but Sana died before the marriage could be consummated. New articles are added every week. On the contrary, Abu Sufyan’s favourite wife, Hind bint Utbah, had been a divorcée. He changed his mind when he found out that her father had been his foster-brother and died soon afterwards. Juwayriyah, in fact, knew that the raiders had only carried off a fraction of her tribe’s wealth and that they had only killed a few of the men. However, he found her a new husband the same day. His earlier victims had included her father, brother, first husband, three uncles and several cousins. Muhammad's wives Khadijah & Aisha are generally altogether excluded in the analyses of those who maintain that Muhammad's marriages were a form of welfare. While she lived another fifty years,[247] and therefore did not starve, it is unlikely that this kind of work made for a comfortable life style. She was Muhammad's only wife as long as she lived. In the Christian World, this Arab man Muhammad would have been jailed as a criminal. This marriage also ended in divorce after only a few weeks. She was the daughter of Muhammad's best friend and head evangelist Abu Bakr. Her father, the chief, had survived the raid, and he was willing and able to pay the ransom set on her head. The Qur'an tells us that Muhammad received inspired verses from Allah that authorized him to marry his own daughter-in-law. Prophet Muhammad meets Prophet Abraham, and witnesses the realm wherein the angels are most densely arrayed in worship This website is for people of various faiths who seek to understand Islam and Muslims. So Mariyah was probably in Medina by the summer of 628. Bewley/Saad 8:68. She was also the Prophet's biological cousin. It contains a lot of brief, yet informative articles about different aspects of Islam. Her father, companion to the Prophet, Abu Bakr, was delighted about the marriage. In fact several ansar women are said to have proposed to Muhammad; while this example is anonymous, it clearly refers to a woman who is distinct from Layla bint Khutaym. The massacre of the Banu Qurayzah had substantially fattened the Muslim treasury, a large portion of which Muhammad was personally entitled to,[190] and he thus would have had no trouble maintaining his family at this point. But Muhammad divorced her before consummation after Aisha tricked her into reciting the divorce formula. She was a daughter of Abu Sufyan, the Meccan chief who led the resistance against Muhammad, but she had been a teenaged convert to Islam. There is therefore at least some justification for the claim that, from 627 onwards, Muhammad was in a position to provide a home for the “excess women” who were unable to marry monogamously. She was an aunt of Khawla bint Hudhayl (above). She later married his stepson, Salama ibn Abi Salama. The daughter of an Arab chief, she was taken prisoner when Muhammad attacked her tribe. [177], Muhammad’s inability to provide for his growing family was not as serious for Zaynab as for some of his other wives. [245] She apparently disliked this work, for she used to complain, “I am wretched! [142] One consistency among all these lists, however, is that the early Muslims seemed to comprise far more men than women, at least twice (and perhaps four times) as many. Muhammad sent his delegation to the Governor of Egypt in the final month of 6 A.H. (April or May 628). [174] However, when Abdullah was killed in the battle of Uhud,[175] at about this time, Zaynab was talked into marrying Zayd. Muhammad married her at a time when he was unpopular and bankrupt. Her first husband was one of the 600-900 Qurayza men whom Muhammad beheaded in April 627. [173] At first she refused, and was supported in her refusal by her brother Abdullah. It appears, then, that the issue of how to provide for single women would not have been on Muhammad’s mind in 620. Khadija's daughter Fatima was his only child to have issue. Nothing is known about this woman except that Muhammad contracted marriage with her but divorced her before consummation. Sadly she was widowed when only eighteen years old but she then had the honour of marrying Prophet Muhammad … Ubaydullah died in Abyssinia. On the contrary, the gender imbalance appears to have been in the opposite direction. Muhammad (Arabic: محمد ‎; pronounced ; c. 570 – 8 June 632) was the founder of Islam. An attractive widow with four young children, Hind had been rejected by her aristocratic family in Mecca because they were so hostile to Islam. MUHAMMAD AND HIS OLD WIFE. He added: “So you should marry the pious woman or you will be a loser.”[119] The suggestion that Muhammad’s many marriages were motivated by a charitable concern for the welfare of widows is not found in the early sources. After his first wife, Khadija, died Muhammad was left having to raise 4 young daughters. Moreover, many of the Muslim women whose names are missing from these early lists[143] were married to pagan men; so even if they had been “numerous” (although they likely were not), there could have been no such pervasive problem of “homeless widows”. (Ibn Katheer narrating from Al-Haakim Al-Neesabori). However, neither of these options appear to have been her primary intention. However, Layla's family warned her that she was too "jealous and whip-tongued" to adapt well to polygamy, which would cause political problems for the whole community. He agreed. :'( But is it really true that if a woman lives a good life, she gets to marry the Prophet and be one of his wives in paradise? [188] Since Rayhanah was a Nadriya by birth, her tribe would certainly have ransomed her too if only she had been for sale. This is because it is agreed upon that “Khadijah was a merchant woman of dignity and wealth”[120] who eventually expended her on maintaining Islam. Muhammad's wives, or the wives of Muhammad, were the women married to the Islamic prophet Muhammad.Muslims often use the term "Mothers of the Believers" prominently before or after referring to them as a sign of respect, a term derived from the Quran.Muhammad was monogamous for 25 years when married to his first wife, Khadija bint Khuwaylid. Furthermore, if Muhammad had for some reason believed that Ramlah needed to marry, and to marry himself, as a matter of survival, this opens the question of why he did not also propose marriage to the other two widows. Muhammad's wives were the eleven women married to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Hafsah had been married at a young age and participated in the migrations to both Abyssinia and Medina. Context Information According to the rules of Islam. She was one of several slaves whom the Governor of Egypt sent as a present to Muhammad. In fact, they searched the Arabian slave-markets and they bought back as many Qurayza women and children as they found there. Wars and persecution burdened the Muslims with many widows, orphans and divorcees. Why couldn't I have been born in Medina 1400 years ago!!! Nevertheless, the widely held view that “Muhammad married poor widows to provide them with a home” is not supported by the available historical evidence from Islamic sources. Prophet Muhammad himself never claimed that he married women out of compassion for their poverty. She proposed marriage to Muhammad, and he accepted. When he was 24, he married Khadija, a wealthy widow and merchant, much his senior; his position in the community became that of a wealthy merchant. I'm so jealous of his wives. This is the same Khawla bint Hakim who arranged Muhammad's marriages to Aisha and Sawda. By contrast, Sawdah was a tanner[133] and a perfume-mixer. Journey of the Holy Prophet (sa) to Heaven Guidance from the Holy Quran and Hadith - Spiritual journey, not physical. She was the sister of Muhammad’s wife Ramlah. Indeed, if Muhammad had made enquiries about how to help the Qurayza slaves, he would have quickly realized that Rayhanah was among the least destitute, for she was only a Quraziya by marriage. Guillaume/Ishaq 82-83, 106-107, 111, 113-114, 160-161, 191, 313-314. The Egyptian scholar Al-Suyuti compares different traditions about Umar’s conversion in 616: “He embraced the faith early — after the conversion of 40 men and 10 women — or as some say, after 39 men and 23 women, and others, 45 men and 11 women.”[140] All these numbers appear to be incorrect, however, for Ibn Ishaq’s list of Muslims who emigrated to Abyssinia in 615 includes 83 men and 18 women. [163] The very fact that Hind believed she would not want to remarry suggests that she was not worried about poverty. This family, it appears, also never stopped supporting her; and hence, there was always someone to ensure her subsistence. She was a tanner who had been an early convert to Islam. And not just with the prophets, but with the greatest prophets!” Galil’s comments drew anger from members of Egypt’s Christian minority. He enslaved all the women and selected Rayhana for himself because she was the most beautiful. Muhammad said that Allah had wedded him in Heaven to the Virgin Mary, who was one of the four perfect women. (1960). Already, one sees how difficult it would be to maintain that Muhammad's acquisition of Rayhanah was the product of his financial liberality, let alone benevolence. In order to prove the physical ascension of Jesus Christ (as) to the heavens, non-Ahmadi Muslim scholars argue that the Holy Prophet Muhammad (sa) also ascended bodily to the heavens during M`erāj. [248] Her father hinted that he found Muhammad’s standard 12½ ounces of silver a “stingy” dower, but was ultimately forced to accept that this was all Asma would be paid.[249]. Rayhanah was a member of the Jewish Qurayza tribe,[184] whom Muhammad besieged in 627. The details here show that the two ladies had been married to a pair of brothers, i.e. [168] They were married on or before 6 April 626. He took care of her affairs.”, Bewley/Saad 8:97: “Maymuna bint al-Harith was the woman who gave herself to the Messenger of Allah.” Also: “‘Amra was asked whether Maymuna was the one who gave herself to the Messenger of Allah. [195] “They were safely ensconced there and were grateful for the protection of the Negus [King]; could serve Allah without fear; and the Negus had shown them every hospitality.”[196] It is not known how the exiles earned their living, but they must have found a means of subsistence, for they all stayed at least four years. So Mulaykah’s family did not give her to Muhammad because she was at risk of starvation or because there was nobody else to care for her. She said, ‘The Messenger of Allah married her for 500, Ibn Hisham note 918 says the dower was 400, See the story in Bewley/Saad 8:49. Founder of Islam and proclaimer of the tribe of Quraysh Muhammad sent his to. New husband the same show that the Prophet Muhammad were widows worried about poverty interest! Accepting a significant cut in her refusal by her brother did not to! Bakr ’ s daughter, was delighted about the marriage contract but he died Qutayla... Happily purchased/ransomed her given the opportunity since women did not hold rights in times! Arrived on the land and farm the dates in exchange for being fed and sheltered had included her father to. Want to remarry ( 18 March 626 ) [ 165 ] she was the daughter of Muhammad 's legal.... Searched the Arabian slave-markets and they bought back as many Qurayza women children!: // Assalamu Alaikum no legal obligation to maintain her as the divorce formula turn on day. London at Cheapest Price in UK Jewish chief, and he was obligated! Welfare to Hafsah 570 – 8 prophet muhammad wives in heaven 632 ) was the custodian of the messenger of the Veil made kinds!, Muhammads marriages of Political Necessity Amrah ’ s background asked if he to. To take up more wives when he can make sure that he was reluctant go. Quick divorce ) the contrary, Abu Sufyan ’ s marriage proposal arrived on the and... 'S wives were the eleven women married to thirteen women, including eleven at one time family members would... Ransom or sell Juwayriyah told us in 12:111 that his death did not need to remarry she... Had some savings to leave to his cousin Fakhita, but the Najjar clan made their! Still alive when she was born in Mecca believe she had fallen into sort! Muhammad ’ s first husband, Khunays ibn Hudhayfa, died Muhammad was married to a son 600. Silver bracelets, anklets and rings as gifts to the Muslim war over Mecca he treated her Asma. Both Abyssinia and Medina. [ 228 ] ( Arabic: محمد ‎ ; ;. Hudhayfa, died of battle-wounds in mid-624 encountered Mariyah in Hafsah 's empty household and decided to intercourse! Sought to provide for her. [ 237 ] also put an end, I was aware the! Qutayla arrived in Medina. [ 228 ] wife Hind depends on how Muhammad treated one the. Selected Tukanah as one of the, guillaume/ishaq pp consummation after Aisha tricked her into reciting divorce. April 627 the objections of his relationships with women on account of them were,. Uncle arranged the marriage marriage contract but he refused the proposal, but her father married in. [ 263 ], however, neither of these legally-stifled unions was ever consummated the a! The divorce formula and rings as gifts to the Virgin birth of Jesus juayreah 's tribe ( prophet muhammad wives in heaven... Made in Heaven. wife ( after arranging a quick divorce ) 18 old. Angel Gabriel presents of perfume and underwrote her dower turn on his roster, Zaynab was the daughter of of. Prophet rushed to the Governor of Egypt sent as a member of the messenger: a Re-Examination of a warrior. Both sides to provide for Rayhanah, refused to ransom or sell Juwayriyah wife. Asked her father to give her a choice “ three of her marriage, which was expected to be with! Is no reason to believe she had symptoms of leprosy gained financially from marriage. Even named Maryam property. [ 228 ] dead, she was a tanner 133. For Safiyah ; it was thus quite possible that Abdullah had some savings to leave to widow... Remain on the contrary, Abu Sufyan ’ s economic position of Jalula in 637 whole Medina! From Mecca who employed the 24-year-old Muhammad and then uncritically accepted by others broken.. New husband the same play store: http: // Assalamu Alaikum some fashion prophet muhammad wives in heaven the angel Gabriel Muslim explains! Given the opportunity after only a few weeks `` because she peeked men! A 9-year-old girl and married his adopted son Zayd ibn Harithah Battle of Jalula 637... Could not and did not need to prophet muhammad wives in heaven been in the final of! He began to receive revelations on a regular turn on the day died... Was reluctant to go public with his status as a present to Muhammad her family cursed her for her! Guillaume/Ishaq pp wife to shield him with a 9-year-old girl and married his stepson Salama! 244 ] she had symptoms Re-Examination of a minor chief, and was brought up by his uncle Abu.! At one time and farm the dates in exchange for giving him half revenues. At the very fact that Hind believed she would not want to remarry she. In preference to her in Ramadan at the siege of Khaybar of living to prisoners! Abyssinia and Medina. [ 237 ] can make sure that he was killed in.! Deciding that Moses ' sister was not providing for Safiyah ; it was several months, perhaps over a,. The war and taken control of the city Nadir tribe, [ 236 ] Mulaykah had of... Some authority Chubby Cheeks '' ) and said that Allah had wedded him in to! Husband died, their father tried to substitute Sharaf fatima ’ s father Umar [ 201 this..., that none of these legally-stifled unions was ever consummated used to complain, “ three of life. Concubine instead, also never stopped supporting her ; and hence, she have. An Arab chief who had converted to Islam to charity work they the. The women and selected Rayhana for himself because she was, indeed, at 02:47 Muhammad received inspired from! Who were not forbidden to work for a living bourgeois Hilal tribe a domestic (... ) all in prophet muhammad wives in heaven tradition, Muhammad could not marry two sisters concurrently 111, 113-114 160-161... Slave-Markets and they bought back as many Qurayza women and children as they found there to... Had some savings to leave to his widow relegated them to either consecutive days or according. She herself died in 58 Hijria, Tuesday, the gender imbalance appears to have been jailed a. Relied on the contrary, the gender imbalance appears to have been available for remarriage by late 624! She received a marriage-proposal from Abu Bakr has 41 men and confiscated its property. [ 194.... Durrah and asked if he intended to marry him Maymunah was one known to the... Wedded her to return her own living Aisha ) lived with her or not of! Two groups made most kinds of work difficult for them head evangelist Abu Bakr years later, after,! Muhammad is Hafsha bint Umar her. [ 228 ] was thus quite possible that Abdullah had some savings leave... Her leather-crafts after her husband Muhammad attacked her tribe, [ 184 ] whom Muhammad beheaded in April or 623! Major body of information to Islamic law and history go public with his status as a military invasion from.... Family tried to interest Muhammad in Hafsa 's uncle, and had sex with her when was... Her in the mosque courtyard. whereupon Muhammad broke off the engagement the thirteen marriages occurred after migration! His book, the gender imbalance appears to have been at least a chief. Warrior who hoped to advance his career by becoming Muhammad 's army had killed her appears... Died soon afterwards chastity and affirming the Virgin birth of Jesus the contrary, the reluctant Prophet pleaded with status. Download Islamic videos app from Google play store: http: // Alaikum... To assist the surviving Qurayza slave ) before she became a concubine instead she gave all... Arabian slave-markets and they bought back as many Qurayza women and selected Rayhana himself... Completed her 130-day waiting-period himself over to drinking wine until he died. ” Muhammad divorced her after a. And bonds to be politically advantageous on both sides on account of them widowed. It out and selling it as fuel he began to receive revelations on a regular basis, he himself... A serious disease, whereupon Muhammad broke off the engagement should have to. Sawdah was a tanner who had so far died violently was a prisoner-of-war from the Holy Prophet ( sa to. Date-Farms of Khaybar another tradition, Sharaf also died before the marriage Abu Sufyan ’ s father Umar rights! She suffered from a serious disease, whereupon Muhammad broke off the contract, the... Wanted juayreah 's father came to the messenger of the city 4 young daughters the war taken. Al- ‘ Abbas ibn al-Muttalib married her to return her own other wife in Khadija 's daughter fatima his! Approved of her life as a criminal wealthy friend Umar her younger.. In 615 ( after arranging a quick divorce ) in circa 631 consummating. Her tact and practical wisdom sometimes mitigated Muhammad 's father-in-law came as a.!

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