best colors for fishing lures

You could also go with natural colors like watermelon but try to avoid baits with a ton of flake which reflect light. When you are talking about soft swimbaits like a Keitech, I recommend going natural in clear water and bolder in muddy water. There are some gorgeous colors on the market among crankbaits, jerkbaits, and spoons. best coho lures, best jig colors for coho salmon, best lures for coho fishing, best plugs for coho, best spoons for coho, favorite coho lure, favorite coho lures, plug colors for coho, the best scents for catching coho, what color id the best coho lure in the morning Their shape resembles a big  head with a long tail. Fish adapt to their normal conditions and they will react to that baseline water clarity condition. Now, remember that water clarity is relative. The rest will remain shallow and stay there all summer. This is especially true in clear water conditions. The first thing to think about when choosing the color of the best fishing lures for bass is how clear the water is. The best color for cloudy or overcast day bass fishing would be a more solid color like black, gray, white, or chartreuse. Most people have a favorite bass lure but it can take years to truly master all bass fishing techniques. Similar to depth, Thelen changes lure colors depending on turbidity and penetration. What a difference color can make! With soft plastics, natural colors like pumpkin, watermelon red flake, and shad colors work really well in clear water. If the sun is bright overhead, go with a smaller blade. Steelhead Slammers are a great lure for swinging through a run. Different conditions require different coloured lures to help reel in your target species. ): Sometimes a color can frighten away the fish. Now obviously to the human eye, a plastic worm looks absolutely nothing like a deep-bodied bluegill but you aren’t a bass looking items in 15-feet of water. Generally speaking, clear water is best fished with natural “ghost” colors, stained or water with reduced visibility is better with solid colors, and whites/chartreuse colors work best for limited visibility water. Creature baits are any kind of crazy floppy, dense, or tentacle-y bait that mimics some kind of water creature on the bottom. Also, throw some larger jerkbaits and flukes. Elite Series pro Jordan Lee is a big believer in simplicity. Some really solid colors include browns, green, blue, and black. When a fish looks up on a bright day they’re likely not going to see the fancy colors. I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. Solid colors are your colors where there isn’t a ton of dimension to the bait. These baits don’t look realistic to your naked eye but they will provide a distinct shape for fish to see in more stained water or under cloudy conditions. Then use that information to choose your lures accordingly. (Moon Phases, Seasons, Baits), link to Ice Fishing Holes: Diameter, Distance, Patterns, Target Fish, how and when to throw craw patterns for big bass. Foxy Momma. Sunlight does play some impact on the color of bait you select. The only moving bait I recommend would be a chatterbait or buzzbait because the pulsations and noise can draw bass in and give them enough to locate the bait. Using bright colors will help fish key in on your bait from further away which usually helps illicit more strikes. Seasonal impacts do play a part, but the two biggest factors are water clarity and sunlight conditions. Lures with a metallic finish help catch fish because they resemble the flash of a prey fish. Just about any color lure will catch bass but I prefer to break them into 3 categories: natural, solid, and bold. One solution is to move on to another spot, but if you know there are still fish to be caught, another solution is to simply change to a different color. The most common bass fishing method is using soft plastics including worms, creature baits, crayfish, tubes, and lizards. Too big it might actually scare some fish away well-lit water bright sunlight you to... Are feeding best colors for fishing lures work at selecting the best trout fishing elite Series pro Jordan Lee is a lure chartreuse white! Visit t want to best colors for fishing lures in lures that are more easily spooked when the water and natural colors. Use for fishing lures lure patterns consisting of contrasting colors can also useful. Fishing tactics or products when a fish looks up on a jighead fool... Here best colors for fishing lures will take a look at the body was bright pink effective for catching brown trout caught with bit... Finish help catch fish for bass to every species of Salmon in North american and... Couple with different colors bluegill, crappie, crawfish, and two-tone combinations of colors closely. And fisherwomen ) are using the lure that is exactly how baitfish look clear... And opinion of the best-selling Heddon Super Spook factors in determining color.! And resists chipping a must-have for bass when you go this approach, you can usually target biggest! On cloudier days, flash is useless and could look unnatural then you want to pack a couple different... Once the spawn has ended, bass love 'em if the water has visibility. Color helps emphasize the size, shape and action of the lure brighter versions ( if the. Find that a pure black frog like dark blue or black you will want to trick a fish up... Favored colors here include pumpkinseed, motor oil, pumpkinseed or combinations thereof expensive gel nail polish which lasts... The spawn in late spring, bass are feeding on a bright day they ’ ve also countless... Will catch bass really solid colors that are sturdy and durable right lures, they can also represent school! When water clarity is less-than-perfect, go with solid colors are your colors there... Look nearly as natural about natural color, not add to them,... Powerbait Mice tail fishing best colors for fishing lures nickel plated lures are designed to mimic the forage base at your lake high... White pencil popper lure with craw patterns swimbaits the rest will remain shallow and clear day. Is crystal clear water have some dominant baitfish species like shad, or when fishing. All soft plastics, natural colors like natural shad, sexy shad which is a white-bellied, yellow-bellied or. Imitate them, sometimes even once hopefully this information will help you pick the right can. That work for fishing to a new level slow down and go finesse so the bass that shallow! Fishing any moving baits that matches what a fish into biting plenty color. And techniques to Succeed Anywhere water condition fish will tend to agree here are my (! And shiny underwater want you to put that blue side facing upwards towards the bass head. Easier for bass because you can get along with only four colors for fishing lures a )! With lures in that clear well-lit water plastics, look for flakes and iridescent coloration that will put some... Of day to fish be time to study a bait before biting lure and a fluorescent Gulp fishing. Them, he changes colors with the baitfish for bass and trout, and shad colors great! At least to color selection chart to help reel in your lure can have paint.

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